The scene fades into view in front of an elephant. The elephant is standing there, using his trunk to feed himself hay as some zoo attendants bathe him. Tourists are scattered around the cages, staring at various animals and somehow amazed at the way some of them look and act. We find the Technicians standing in front of the large cage that houses some chimpanzee's. None of them seem too excited and pretty much just sit there, except for one baby chimp that seems to be pestering its mother. The mother finally grabs the chimp up, and holds him close to her nipple. The baby chimp goes to town.

M: How ironic... that just happened to me last night.

E: (laughing) What? You let a baby chimp suck on your nipple?

M: No! I was suckin' on some titties.

E: (laughing even harder) Yeah, and I suppose it was your dashing good looks that got you there?

M: Damn right.

The Electrician laughs even harder.

M: What?

E: Don't feed me any bullshit, okay? I know exactly where you went right after you left the arena. You flew straight to Vegas and paid for a hooker. I know you too well for you to do otherwise.

M: I did not! I went to the bar and had a few drinks. I met a girl there, and ended up back at her place.

E: Ahh bullshit. You left with about 2 grand in your pocket, and came back with about a hundred bucks. I know you went to Vegas.

M: I did not!

E: Oh really? Then why is it that I found a redeeming receipt for money at Caesars?

M: I... I...

E: Yeah yeah. There ain't no shame in what you did... it's just pathetic.

M: Why?

E: Because if you'd of hung around a couple more hours, you'd of gotten some for free?

M: Huh?

E: You heard me. I went to the bar last night and met twins. You could've been there to get some, but you weren't and I ended up in a threesome with two of the hottest bitches you ever seen in your life.

M: Quit lying!

E: A liar am I? Then what do you call this?

The Electrician reaches into his pocket. He pulls out an unwrapped, unravelled condom that has clearly been used and holds it up for the Mechanic to see. The Mechanic stares at it, stunned.

E: And that's not the half of it.

The Electrician reaches into his pocket again, pulling out 3 more obviously used condoms. The Mechanic stares at them in disbelief.

M: You... you didn't happen to get a number did you?

E: Damn right I did.

M: Wanna give 'em a call?

E: No... don't think so.

M: Wh... why not?

E: You had your chance... too bad, so sad... you lose, I win.

M: Don't do this to me!

E: Hmm... I don't really think you should be worrying about p*ssy right now. I mean, we do have a tag title match to worry about.

M: We can talk about that later! Just call them!

E: No, I don't think so.

M: Please! I'll get you some morphine!

The Electrician and the Mechanic make eye contact for what seems like the longest time and there is silence between the two.

E: You... promise?

M: Yes! Yes! I promise!

E: Uhm.... no.

M: What?! But you love morphine! You'd do anything for it!

E: Sorry... washed my hands of it a month ago. I'm clear as a bell.

M: But... nooooo!

The Electrician slaps his younger brother.

E: For God sakes would you cut it out?! Pull yourself together man. I was just f*cking with you. I'll give them a call later, but we gotta get to the gym. We have a tag title match to worry about.

M: Thank you! Thank you! And what do you mean tag title match?

E: Oh my God... you didn't see it on the card? I left it right there on the table for ya.

M: No.

E: Damn... you need to open up your eyes. We've got a tag title match against Panik and Boromir this week.

M: Are you serious?

E: No, I'm not. I'm just saying that so you think we do. Jackass. Of course I'm serious!

M: ...

E: (sighs) Ya know, I'm gonna have to get rid of you if you don't start paying attention.

M: ...

E: Worry about it later then. Let's just get to the gym.

The Electrician and the Mechanic begin walking. We hear the words "You promise you'll call?" as the scene fades to black.