The scene opens sometime shortly after noon in a busy Philidelphia mall. Hey, it may really be the middle of the freakin' night, but this is fantasy... am I right? Seemingly hundreds of mall-going patrons are crowding the walkways. Most of them are probably on a 3-day weekend, taking the day off for no apparent reason. Ahh, who cares. Let's cut to the chase here. The BLPW camera crew finds our good buddy the Electrician standing in the doorway to Victoria's Secret, his back to the store, as he stares across the hall at the world-famous Eddie Bauer. He continues to stare momentarily, then takes a step in an attempt to walk across the hall and go into Eddie's. However, a hand is placed on his shoulder from behind and whips him around, nearly ripping the shirt off his back as this happens. It is Krista.

E: Hey, what are you doing? I'm trying to go to Eddie Bauer here!

Krista: What do you think?

She holds up a piece of lingerie, which looks more like 3 little strings tied together.

E: I don't know...

She smirks.

Krista: Perhaps if I modeled it for you first?

Before the Electrician can say anything, Krista grabs his wrist and drags him into the store. His face grows bright red as she leads him to the back of the store where the fitting rooms are located. He stands outside the fitting room, which is just hidden by a curtain instead of a door, and looks through the store as he waits, trying not to stare too long at anything. Finally, Krista calls from inside the room.

Krista: Okay, you can come in now.

The Electrician, carefully watching everybody in the store, quickly slips behind the curtain. Not more than 4 seconds could have passed when the Electrician jumps back out from behind the curtain, back to the camera.

E: Buy it! I don't care how much it costs! Buy it!

The Electrician remains with his back to the camera, hunched over, and his hands looking to be covering something. Finally Krista comes back out from the fitting room, fully clothed (dammit!) and sees her boyfriend.

Krista: What's the matter?

E: There's a camera here, and well...

The Electrician moves his hands, and Krista looks down and laughs.

E: I really don't see what's so damn funny about it.

Krista: Well, I do. I mean, why can't you just zip up your fly instead of staying turned away from the camera?

E: Because the perverted bastards will probably think you gave me a 2 second hand job in there. We can't be having that.

Krista continues to laugh as the shot cuts to JC Penney where the Mechanic and Kendra are browsing. Kendra seems fascinated by the rings on display, while the Mechanic is just across the way looking at some nice pairs of khaki's. Not that he'd ever wear such filth, but he's just trying to avoid engaging in ring conversation with Kendra. The only ring he ever wants to talk about is the one ring dammit. A young woman approaches the Mechanic with a name tag on her shirt. She obviously works for JC Penney- whoever that is.

Worker: May I help you?

M: No thanks, I'm just shoplifting.

Worker: Excuse me?

M: Oh, did I say that outloud? I meant browsing.

Somewhat stunned, the woman leaves as Kendra walks up behind the Mechanic.

Kendra: Let's go somewhere else... I'm bored.

M: K.

The two leave JC Penney and walk a little ways before running into Krista and the Electrician. Kendra spots the bag in Krista's hand marked "Victoria's Secret" and smiles.

Kendra: Whatcha got there sis?

Krista: Heh... none of your business.

Krista and Kendra fall into a bit of a giggle-fit when the Technicians just up and walk away. Realizing what's going on, Krista and Kendra catch up as they walk out the doors. Reaching a very large, red Hummer, the Mechanic pushes a button on his keychain and "un-cheekoos" the truck. The four pile in as the scene fades to commercial.


Returning inside the Technicians apartment, Krista rushes to the back bedroom, Victoria's Secret bag in hand. Kendra walks into another room, and the Technicians sit down at the table.

M: C'mon now... what'd she get?

E: You'll see it if she ever lets Kendra borrow it.

M: Dammit!

E: Hey, check it out... its still here.

M: Oh man!

E: Okay, just so we're clear on this: we're facing the Faction this week right?

M: Right.

E: You're sure?

M: Positive.

E: Okay, good. Now let's get this done with.

The Technicians turn their chairs so that they're facing the camera. The Electrician crosses his legs, as does the Mechanic, but both immediately un-cross their legs after feeling tremendous pain in their genital area's. They settle for resting their elbows on the table.

E: Hmm... so what to say? This week, we're going head-to-head against the Faction, otherwise known as The Law and Craig Williams. One of which has held the BLPW World Title before, and the other is currently holding the BLPW Eastern Title. Of course, that's provided my sources are correct...

The Electrician scowls at the Mechanic, who just looks at the camera.

M: Anyway, just wanted you to know that... well, you don't have a chance in Hell against us. See, it's a real simple principle: teamwork. Not to say that you don't work well as a team, but let's face it. When it comes to teamwork, nobody is better at it than us.

E: Oh sure, you could say that Storm Front 2000 is... that maybe, just maybe they are a better team than we are since it was, after all, Storm Front 2000 that did take the Tag Titles from us. But when you stop to consider that they haven't shown their faces around here, except to wrestle, since we've returned, they're not a team at all. What are they then? Scared little bitches... that's what.

M: That's right. They know it's just a matter of time before they get what's coming to them, and until we re-claim what is rightfully ours. My brother and I have been a team for years. We live as a team, we work as a team, and we lose as a team.

E: However, there has only been one time we haven't been able to pull it off. Yep, that's right. BLPW Dead On Arrival. But we're not going to throw excuses around about that night. Storm Front 2000 obviously wanted the Tag Titles more than we did. But now that they have them, where are they? Nowhere. They are now the most wanted tag team in the BLPW ranks, and they're scared to be that team.

M: Exactly. Now we know we could have returned the favor at Epic on Thursday. Sure we do. But we'd rather save it for when it truly counts: our rematch for the titles. We're not going to waste the time beating the piss out of this scaredy-cat team when there's no immediate rewards for doing it.

E: Of course not! So, we wait... like a panther stalking its prey. Patiently it tails its prey, approaches it, waits for the perfect moment and then.... POUNCE!!! It leaps upon its prey, clawing and shredding and biting for everything its worth... then, it enjoys a nice, hearty, red meat meal.

M: Precisely. So we shall be patient. We shall wait for the perfect moment to strike, and then we shall enjoy our meal.

E: But moving on to the real reason we're jabbering endlessly: the Faction. It is my understanding that the Faction are 2 of the best that the BLPW has to offer. How conveniant.

M: Yeah, no wonder we're in the pre-main event... we're facing two of the best guys in the fed! We'd never be that good...


E: That's it! After they leave, I'm going to teach you improv!

M: Ouch...

E: Anyway... this gives us the opportunity to show everybody what we're really made of. To show them that we, as dumb as we are (scowling at Mechanic again), shall not be taken lightly.

M: That's right. We are the former BLPW Tag Team Champions, and we will be the BLPW Tag Team Champions again! And with the millions upon millions of Technician fans as our witnesses, you, The Faction, will be...


The scene fades to black as the Technicians stare intensely into the camera.

-Off camera

M: God I love that catchphrase!

E: Me too... I'm so glad I thought of it.

M: No you didn't! I did!

E: No, I did!

M: No, I did!

E: No, I did!

M: No, I did!

E: Dammit, I did f*cker!