The scene opens to reveal the Technicians hanging about a Wal-Mart. They're simply browsing, not seeming too interested in the crappy merchandise this particular Wal-Mart has to offer. Man, you'd think for being in a city as big as Norfolk, Wal-Mart would have some hella merchandise on its shelves. But nope, not this time. They've got a lamp... and a couple picture frames... and a 3 pound bag of cinammon gummy bears. That's about it. No video games, no movies, no electronics of any kind. Not even a set of computer speakers man! Not even a small kids bike! Nothing! The Technicians come upon the lamp after seeing those stylish picture frames. Krista and Kendra aren't with them. They were tired and decided to stay at the hotel and sleep. They're probably dyking out right now... bitches. The lamp is characterized by a simple "X" design that runs on both sides of the lamp.

E: Man, that's one good-looking lamp right there. I wonder how much it costs. It'd look real good on my bedstand.

M: I don't know. This Wal-Mart is so broke they can't even afford price tags!

E: Yeah. That sucks.

M: Wait a minute!

E: What?

M: Didn't you crack the bar code while you were in college?

E: You're right! Indeed I did!

M: Figure out what this lamp costs!

E: Okay... (looks at the barcode on the sticker that's on the bottom of the lamp) Fat bar skinny bar skinny bar fat bar medium bar skinny bar fat bar fat bar... (he continues to shout out the size of each bar until he reaches the last one)... skinny bar $9.98!

M: Sweeeeet! We so gotta buy this!

E: Damn right we do!

The Mechanic grabs the lamp off the shelf and on their way up to the register, the Electrician halts in his tracks.

M: What?

E: Oh my God... a 3 pound bag of cinammon gummy bears!!!

M: AHHH! Grab that too!

The Electrician frantically grabs for the bag as if he's fighting through a crowd of 50 to 100 people to get it. When the bag is in his arms, the Technicians make a mad dash to the front, holding on to their prized possessions for all their worth. Once to the front, the Techs kindly step up to the register and place their items on the counter with the belt that moves, and wait quietly as the cashier rings up the items.

Cashier: That'll be $16.01.

The Mechanic pulls out his wallet and then freezes.

M: Uhm... err...

E: What's the matter? Pay the lady would ya?!

M: Ehhh....

The Electrician sees that the only bill in his brothers wallet is a 5. Well, you can guess what happened... SLAP!!! Right across the back of Mech's head.

E: You dumbass! I should've known not to trust you to pay for this!

M: I'm sorry.... I thought I had more cash on me.


E: That's no excuse!


Cashier: Hey, take it easy would ya?

E: You stay outta this!


M: OKAY! I've learned my lesson.

E: Good.

The Electrician reaches into his wallet and pulls out a 20 to pay for the items. Once getting his change and outside, the Electrician begins laughing.

M: What's so funny.

E: God... I actually had her believing I'm abusive like that.

M: Shyeah... though you did get a little carried away.

E: Hey, you deserved it. Not only did you look like a complete retard for that shit, but you also convinced me that we were facing the Force at Epic!

M: Hey, that's what the card said that I got.

E: Doesn't do us any good now though does it?! We wasted an entire week cutting promo's against the Force, and no-freakin'-buddy told us about it.

M: Oh well... Storm Front 2000 will get their ass-kicking anyway.

E: Shyeah. C'mon, let's go to Village Inn (Authors Note: If there is one in Norfolk). I'm hungry.

M: All right.

The Technicians hop into their truck and take off as the scene fades to black.