The scene opens to reveal our good buddies the Technicians as they wake up in their shitty apartment the evening following the BLPW's New Years celebration. The Mechanic is konked out on the couch and the Electrician... well, he's on the floor. The Mechanic stirs and slowly sits up. He looks around with that look of "How the hell did we get here?" look on his face. He then rubs his eyes and holds his head in pain. Too much to drink last night? Maybe... or was it the fact that he and Mr. Satan played headbutt-like-bulls at the party? Most likely.

As he stands and heads into the kitchen, he trips over his brother, causing him to stir and wake himself.

E: F*cker... I don't wanna get up.

M: I didn't mean to do it okay? It just happened...

E: Oh yeah sure. Like the time you kicked me in the balls... it just happened.

M: Quit your bitching already.

E: Listen you little...

The Electrician pauses when he spots the camera. Rolling his eyes back in his head, he pushes himself to his feet then stands there trying to keep balanced as all the blood rushes from his brain to his feet. His cheek is characterized with random indents from the carpet. Adjusting to the dizziness, the Electrician follows his brother into the kitchen as the Mechanic begins to pour some Life cereal into a bowl. When finished, the Electrician does the same as the Mechanic opens the fridge.

M: Aww shit! We're outta milk.

E: Dammit! Well, it's your turn to go to the store.

M: No it's not! I went last time!

E: You're drunk! I went last time.

M: No, I did!

E: No, I did!

M: No, I did!

E: No, I did!

Remembering that the camera is present, they pause again. It is then that Krista and Kendra walk into the scene, both in nothing but tee shirts that fall below their wastes. Each woman gives her respective boyfriend a good morning hug and kiss, then Krista disappears into the bathroom as Kendra simply walks out of the scene.

M: No, I did!

E: Shut your face and let's get this over with. The last thing I want is for those rat bastards to be following us around all night waiting for a promo.

M: No, I did!

SLAP!!! Yes, the Electrician dishes out one of his traditional pimp slaps.

M: OUCH! Easy on the noggin' will ya?

E: Just shut up and stand there while I talk to the cyclops!

The Electrician turns to the camera.

E: Aftershock, Panik... I have no idea what happened last night, but that's over with now. We're no longer drinking buddies anymore. I managed to put aside what's going to happen at Epic for the sole purpose of having a good time- and provided that somebody somewhere has a video tape of that party, I'll find out if I did. But that's over now. It's back to the usual we're gonna kick your ass stuff now.

The Mechanic steps up beside his brother.

M: That's right. Come Epic you will truly come to realize the devastating effects of the Torque Drop. Its effects are so devastating that you won't be able to move, let alone kick out, when I pin you, Aftershock, for the 1-2-3. And after that, I may just have to hit Panik with the Torque Drop too, just for good measure.

E: No freakin' way! You are not gonna be pinning anybody at Epic!

M: And what makes you think so?

E: Because the little bastard will be too busy tapping, that's why!

M: Oh really?

E: Yes.

M: Is that what you think?

E: Yes.

M: Fine then. Then after Aftershock taps, I'll hit him with the Torque Drop!

E: No way! If you wanna Torque Drop anybody, Torque Drop Panik. He's a weakling. Hey, whadda ya know... that makes him the perfect victim for you.

M: Are you saying that I'm a pussy?

E: You said it, not me.

M: Listen here bitch. I've had just about enough of your crap. I'm gonna Torque Drop somebody at Epic. I don't care if it's Panik, Aftershock, the ref, or even you! It's gonna happen dammit!


E: Oh c'mon bitch I was just f*ckin' with ya!

Dead silence. The Mechanic grins.

M: I knew that... I was just testing you to see if you did.

E: Christ, you still haven't learned to improv yet!

M: Right-o.

The Electrician turns back to the camera.

E: Anyway, The Force, what we're trying to say is that come Epic, you will learn what it means to be...


The Technicians immediately grab their heads in pain as they yelled WAY too loud for having just woke up after a long night of drunkeness. The scene fades to black.