Well, short-lived as it was, the Technicians and their bitches are back in Philly for the time being. It's only a matter of a few days before they head to Norfolk, VA for the first BLPW Epic since Seasons Beatings. The trip home was quite successful. Mom and Dad turned out to like Krista and Kendra, and their brothers didn't beg them for a job in the BLPW- something they couldn't gaurantee anyway- but couldn't manage getting on the plane without Dad begging Krista to send their third half back his way... even though there is no third one, but that'd be cool huh? Plus, the Electrician got this really awesome 45 pack of 9-volt batteries for Christmas. Woo hoo. Now he can lick the days between events away. Speaking of which. SLUUUUUURP! The Electrician takes a big ol' lick of the 9-volt battery in his hand after setting his bags down on the living room floor.

E: Ahh... that's the stuff.

M: God you're disgusting. Now get the hell over here! The cyclops is already pissing me off and we've gotta cut a promo before I kill him.

E: I'm comin' just quit your bitching already.

The Electrician walks over and stands next to his brother.

M: Okay Storm Front 2000, it's very simple: you will lose. You were lucky enough to beat us at Dead On Arrival, but this time around you won't be so lucky. So we're no longer undefeated as a tag team, big freakin' deal. It was bound to happen sooner or later, it just so happened that it occured that night. But keep in mind that we'll not stand for it again.

E: That's right. Matter of fact we're headed to the gym just as soon as we're done here.

M: We are?

The Electrician pimp slaps his brother really hard.

E: You ass. Haven't you learned how to improv yet? For crying out loud. We're supposed to be making them think we're gonna go.

M: Oh yeah.

E: Anyway, now that that's been ruined... why don't we start over?

M: Okay, it's like this: there's only one way this match can end: in a pin, right? So in order for that to happen, we're going to have to beat the living crap out of you two.

E: Basically yeah. But it's not gonna happen quick. Oh no. See, we're going to make you suffer for what you've done first. You didn't really think you'd get off that easy, did you?

M: Shyeah... it's like, we've gotta make you understand the mistake you've made. When I lock in the Crossed Wires...


E: Dammit, that's my move! Yours is the Torque Drop!

M: Ohhhh yeah...

E: When I lock in the Crossed Wires on you, Chris Trepanier, oh my lordy how you're going to regret ever putting that leg hammerlock on me! Have you ever felt the pain of the Crossed Wires? Sure, it's a simple figure 4 leglock, but the pressure I apply to it is unbelievable. It's been called the move that nobody can stand.

M: No it hasn...


M: OUCH! Would you stop that?!

E: QUIT F*CKING IT UP! Damn, you're the one that wanted to do this and I'm gonna end up duct taping your mouth shut!

Krista and Kendra can be heard laughing in the background.

E: Basically Strom Front, prepare to lose.

M: That's right. Because when it's all said and done, and the cards have been dealt, and you're both unconscious, and bleeding, and bruised, and broken, and ba...


E: Let's just say it already!

M: Okay, just stop that! (turns back to the camera) You will be...


The scene fades to black as the Mechanic repays his brother for all those pimp slaps.


The Technicians are wrestling around, destroying stuff as they do so.

E: You piss ant! I'm gonna tear you a new one!

M: With what? Your dick you sick f*cker?!

E: Oh that's it, you're gonna get it now!

The Electrician struggles free from his brothers grasp and grabs him by the shirt. He throws his brother into a huge pile of styrofoam packing peanuts that was so convieniantly in the corner of the living room. The Mechanic is ever so still, then his arm shoots out from underneath the peanuts.

M: (in a muffled voice) I will have vengeance!