The scene opens inside a large house somewhere on the outskirts of San Diego, CA. That's right buddy, the BLPW camera crew has followed the Technicians CLEAR the f*ck out to their hometown just to witness this incredibly awesome tag team in their natural habitat. As they drop their bags in the front entry, they introduce Krista and Kendra- who had no place else to go for the holiday season- to their parents.

E: Mom, Dad, I'd like you to meet Krista.

M: Mom, Dad, I'd like you to meet Kendra.

Dad: Twins eh? You lil' bastards! *looks directly at Krista* Y'all wouldn't happen to have a third half would ye?

Krista: *laughing* Sorry.

Mom slaps Dad for that comment, then turns to the girls.

Mom: So where you from?

Kendra: Philadelphia originally, but we've been following these two around for the past few months.

Dad: You sure you ain't got a third half?

Mom, once again, slaps Dad. Now we know where the Electrician gets it everytime he bitch slaps his brother.

M: Anyway, we're awful tired from the long day of flying.

Dad: You just wanna mount 'er don't ye?

A dead silence falls over the group, then the Mechanic's face turns bright red.

M: Uhh... no.

E: Don't lie. We all know the truth.

The Mechanic rushes out of the room as the scene fades to black.


The scene returns about 30 minutes later outside the house. The weather is fairly nice except for a few gray clouds rolling across the sky. The Electrician is up on a ladder, hanging the Christmas lights on his parents house. Suddenly, his hair jolts up on end, then quickly falls back down.

E: Ahh... that's the stuff. I missed it so badly.

His hair shoots up on end again, then falls back down. Then, out of nowhere, Krista comes walking out the door, startling the Electrician and causing him to get a huge jolt from the lights. This huge jolt causes the crotch of his pants to shoot forward, hitting a rung on the ladder and making the Electrician fall off the ladder. Krista rushes over to aid her boyfriend, and when she touches him, her hair jolts up on end, then falls back down.

Krista: Whoa...

E: Hehe...

Krista: That was... awesome.

E: hehe...

Krista: Can I have another?

E: Hehe...

Krista touches him again, and once again, her hair jolts up on end. Talk about 80's and shit. Look like a damned sea urchin with it like that. Just as she is doing this, the Mechanic and Kendra walk out hand in hand. They spot the action between the Electrician and Krista, and decide to walk over and investigate.

M: What the hell are you guys doing?

E: Hehe...

Krista: Hehe...

Curious as to why his brother is lying on the ground, the Mechanic reaches down to pull him back to his feet, and as he touches him, his hat flies straight off his head and his hair stands on end.

M: Hehe...

Kendra, now very curious... well, you know.

Kendra: Hehe...

Now the parents walk out in the middle of this "Hehe.." fest. The scene fades to black as they walk over to investigate.


Returning inside the Electrician's bedroom where he and Krista are lying quietly, now over their "Hehe..." fit, "Raise Up" by Saliva is playing softly on the radio. Krista reaches over and turns it down yet some more, and looks deep into the Electricians eyes.

Krista: Hey Dave, have you ever thought about taking us to a new level?

E: You mean like... butt sex or something?

Krista: God no! It's just that... well, I find it hard to stop thinking about you, and I was just wondering if you felt the same way about me.

E: Well, I don't know about me, but my penis probably does.

Krista giggles at the comment, then continues to look deep into his eyes.


Inside the Mechanic's bedroom, who's bed here is also surrounded by a mountain of dirty clothes, the Mechanic and Kendra are having a blast singing the Mockingbird song.

It is at this time that our camera's realize there was absolutely no point in coming clear the f*ck out here. So, the scene fades to black.

DISCLAIMER: Please excuse this absolutely pointless RP. It's 5 minutes to 7 a.m. right now, I haven't slept and am currently high as f*ck on Yellow Jackets and Vivarin. So yeah, you could say I'm pretty mental right now.