The scene opens inside a local Uniondale bar. We find The Technicians enjoying a couple brewskies along with Krista and Kendra- who decided to tag along this trip. The dance floor is hoppin' with bar-hopping patrons who are too drunk to realize they can't dance. No, honestly, they really can't dance. Which is exactly why the camera's are focused on the Technicians instead of those drunken people. Well, except for the cord guy- you know the guy that makes sure nobody trips over the cords. He's somehow slipped away and is boogying along with those people. Somebody should fire him. Anyway, the sound comes in.

E: Let's get the hell out of here.

M: Why?

E: Cause I'm about to go crazy with those people over there dancing.

M: Ohh yeah, I forgot- you don't dance.

E: No and I want to break anybody's skull that does.

Krista: Does that mean you want to break my skull?

E: Erm... uhhh... no.

Krista and Kendra share a giggle as the four stand up and put their jackets on. The Electrician just throws some money on the table for the check/tip and they leave. The camera crew follows them on their way out, but because the stupid cord guy wasn't there, the camera person trips over the cord and the camera falls to the ground.

M: Hey, what's that?

The Mechanic walks over towards the camera and picks it up. Somehow during the tripping incident, the entire camera crew tumbled over the camera person and they all got knocked out. Kind of "ironic" when you think about it because it's an obvious set up for the next scene in this RP. The Mechanic's face is blurred since his arm-length isn't far enough away for the camera to be in focus.

M: Hey, get over here! I found a BLPW camera next to a pile of drunk dudes!

In the background we can see the Electrician approaching.

E: This must be the camera that was stolen from the BLPW's A/V trailer!

M: Come to think of it, I do remember getting a memo or some crap about that.

E: Yeah, they said it was a 500 dollar reward for finding it!

M: Oh... wait. No, that's the usual camera runner thingy guy. This isn't the stolen one... dammit!

E: Hmm... then they must've been here for a promo.

M: Yeah... but how are we both gonna cut a promo with the camera guy knocked out?

E: Hmm... I've got it!

The Electrician rips the camera away from the Mechanic and sets it back down on the ground, but upside down. Then, he grabs his brothers forearm and pulls him back a few steps.

E: In the only true way to cut a camera guy-less promo of course!

The Electrician squats down, back to the camera, and ducks his head down. He then balances himself in the traditional "kettle" position- or whatever the crap it's called because I can't remember right now- then sticks his legs out in the air, balancing himself. He's in a head-stand position if you haven't guessed already.

M: Of course, of course!

The Mechanic copies his brothers actions and gets in a head-stand as well. After they both carefully balance themselves, the Mechanic begins. Both their faces are already becoming red.

M: So The Force, haven't quite figured out those magic words yet eh? It's all right, we understand if you're speechless. After all, you are going up against the greatest tag team the world has ever known. I mean, if we were you, then we'd be speechless too.

E: That's right. But what I'm not understanding is this fed's obssession with Star Wars. I mean honestly, do you people really have that much trouble letting go of your childhoods? I'll admit, Star Wars was great up until that dumbass George Lucas decided to give us "Darth Vader's childhood" and all that crap. (Authors Note: If you remember any Decree's Rantings you'll appreciate that) But once Episode one hit the theatre's it was like okay nobody gives a crap anymore. What makes it even worse is that people actually buy that on DVD. I mean what the hell?

M: I think what my brother is trying to say is... GROW UP WOULD YA?! I mean, you don't see us running around drinking beer, playing the oompa-loompa's are out to get me game, singing 99 bottles of beer on the wall, using real bows with suction cup arrows, and cutting promo's standing on our heads do you?!

E: Uhn... Mech...

M: Yeah?

E: I got something I wanna say.

M: Go ahead.

E: Well, I really don't know how to tell ya but... we've done all that.

M: Oh yeah. My bad. Anyway, give up the whole Star Wars act would ya? You're taking away Darth Borac's spotlight and I don't think he likes that very much! Would you like it if someone took away your spotlight?

E: Dude, we'll be taking away their spotlight at Seasons Beatings.

M: Dammit! Can you just let me talk for once without interrupting?!

E: No. Stupid things come out like everything you just said.

M: I swear I'm gonna... uhh... snap your boner in two!

E: Shut up you filthy whore!

Now, as we were saying...

Suddenly, the Mechanic thuds to the ground.

E: What's you're prahhh....

THUMP! The Electrician passes out too. Must've been all the blood in their second brain. Never had that much blood there before, it's all been in their first brain. Krista and Kendra just laugh as they try to revive their boyfriends. Suddenly the cord guy comes charging out of the bar, trips over the pile of his half conscious co-workers and his head thuds onto the camera, thereby f*cking up a perfectly good BLPW camera and cutting the scene to static. I told you somebody should fire that guy.