We find the Technicians as they are leaving a gym. Both their faces are beaded in sweat as they reach the Mechanic's truck. They are just about to hop in and take off when, the man that everybody hates, Bill Ogilvy approaches them, camera crew right behind him.

Bill: 'Scuse me guys, can have a few minutes of your time?

E: Can who have a few minutes of our time?

Bill: Me.

E: That's not what you said.

Bill: Yes it is.

E: No it's not. You said "can have a few minutes of your time." You didn't say who.

Bill: Well I meant me.

E: Well you should say me then.

Bill: *sighs* Can I have a few minutes of your time?

E: Nope.

Bill: Why not?

E: Because you didn't say me.

Bill: Huh?

E: Say it, or this interview is over!

Confused, Bill stands there in a stunned silence for a few moments, then understands what the Electrician wants.

Bill: Can me have a few minutes of your time?

E: Certainly.

Bill turns back to the camera crew and asks them if they're ready. The camera man silently counts down with his fingers. 3, 2, 1.

Bill: Hello everybody. I'm here with returning BLPW superstars the Technicians. (Bill turns and faces the two.) Everybody wants to know, what exactly was the reason for your sudden and unexpected disappearance?

E: Bill, if your grandma died, wouldn't you go to her funeral?

Bill: Well, yes.

E: Next question.

Bill: Okay... rumor has it that you two were expecting a Tag Title shot when you returned. Is this true and if so, are you upset that you aren't getting it at Season's Beatings?

M: Rumor's are right. We were expecting a rematch for the Tag Titles, however, it seems that other tag teams have managed to get to them before we could. That's okay though, I'm sure that Darth Borac and KGB have earned their shot at the titles. We aren't upset that we're not getting our shot now- but after the New Year, if we are continually denied our rematch, we might just raise a little Hell.

Bill: I see. So what do you think about having to face former Tag Champs Aftershock and Panik at the pay per view?

E: Bill, how many times do we have to tell you we don't think?

Bill: Uhn...

E: Shut up! That wasn't a question that needed answering. Anyway, I'm rather excited about facing "The Force" at Seasons Beatings, what about you Mech?

M: Oh yeah.

E: See, it was the Force that came out and beat us down for apparently no reason at all, and we'd just love to return the favor.

Bill: But didn't you guys beat down KGB and Borac for no reason at Epic?

The Mechanic begins lightly knocking on Bill's forehead.

M: Hello, anybody home? Think McFly, think! In case you didn't notice, security cleared everybody out of the arena for the main event before we even had the chance to. Sure, we were gonna, but it didn't happen.

Bill: Oh yeah.

E: Anyway, as I was saying. We would love to return the favor, and so we shall. Come Seasons Beatings, Aftershock and Panik are gonna be wishing for their two front teeth again. We see it fit to make sure those two know just how badly they screwed up when they beat us down like that. Come Hell or high water, they will pay.

Bill: Okay. Now Mechanic, after you lost the Western Title to Mr. Satan, you remarked that it was time for you to move on to bigger and better things. Yet, the two of you left before that could happen. Are you still planning on accomplishing that?

M: But of course! It's just a matter of timing is all. At some point I will be involved in the race for the Eastern Title- we've just gotta reclaim what is rightfully ours first. Then, then I will go for the Eastern Title.

Bill: And finally, do you two believe you will be able to step up to the challenge of being Tag Champs again?

E: Bill, what kind of question is that? Did you or did you not notice that my brother and I have the longest reign as BLPW Tag Champions to date?

Bill: Well yeah....

E: Okay then. Now don't you think that if we weren't up to the challenge, we would even be pursuing the Titles for a second reign?

Bill: I see your point.

E: Very well then.

Without saying a word, the Technicians climb into the Mechanics truck and almost run Bill over as they back out of their parking spot. Pity they missed. The scene fades to flannel.