The trusty ol' BLPW camera crew finds the "lost" Technicians sitting in their apartment. Krista and Kendra are present as well, but a strange silence has captivated the 4. A look of depression is on the Tech's faces and they seem to be in a deep state of mental solitude. This isn't one of their crazy games, however. This is real and runs deeper than an act for the BLPW fans. It was just so sudden. Despite having emphysema, their grandmother was in fairly good condition health wise- so when the Electrician answered his cell phone that night of BLPW's Dead On Arrival pay per view, the news hit him like a dagger to the heart. The brothers caught the first flight possible from Philly to San Diego so they could be there for the funeral.

The Mechanic breaks the silence.

M: This just sucks.

E: No sh*t... I can't believe it. 25 years she's always been around, and now, she's gone.

M: Yeah. I just hope that wherever she is now, she's enjoyin' it.

The remark seems to bring a smile to the Electrician's face.

E: Heh... you know as well as I do that if she went to Hell, she'd be slappin' the devil around quicker than he could say "I'm evil."

The Technicians share a brief chuckle.

M: Yeah. Remember those apple cinammon pancakes she used to make us when we'd stay there when mom and dad would go on vacation?

E: Oh yeah. It'd take at least 7 a piece just to fill us up.

Their moods seem to shift as both lay their heads back and enter a state of bliss.

M: I remember she always used to say that it didn't matter what the situation, there was always a bright side to it.

E: Yeah, and I guess the bright side to this is that she doesn't have to suffer from that emphysema anymore.

M: I guess. It's just so weird knowing she's not around anymore.

E: Yeah.

Silence falls once again as the 4 just sit there. Krista quietly crawls onto the Electrician's lap and cuddles up next to him. In an attempt to change the subject, Kendra looks into the Mechanic's eyes.

Kendra: Did you guys hear the news?

M: What news?

Kendra: You've got a tag match at the pay per view next week.

M: F*ck that. I'm not even in the mood to talk about that sh*t right now. We've got a week- that's plenty of time.

Finally realizing that now just isn't the time, the scene fades to black and then the camera crews begin packing up to move on to their next destination.