The scene opens up inside the Technicians apartment late at night, in what looks to be the kitchen. The Mechanic and the Electrician are sitting at a small card table, both with a bowl in front of them and an open box of "Life" cereal sitting between the two of them; along with about 6 empty "Pez" wrappers and an almost empty gallon of milk. Hey, breakfast is breakfast, no matter what time of day you eat it! Catching a glimpse inside their bowls, we see that the Technicians have combined Pez and Life cereal to create the breakfast of champions. That's right, Wheaties are so 1999!

Both men are scarfing down down the mixture, and after they've finished, the Mechanic is looking at the Life cereal box. He reads aloud whatever the hell is written on the box.

M: Illiterate huh? Stupid punks. If I'm illiterate, then how come I can read this?

E: I dunno. I'd just like to know where they get off saying that we're illiterate in the first place.

M: Me too. I mean what the hell?

E: I know! Those two little bastards need a good lesson in the ways of getting their asses beat.

M: I agree. I mean wow, they beat us down on Epic. But did they forget that they attacked us when our backs were turned to them? I mean come on, that's the number one sign of coward! Grandma could get the better of a guy if she attacked him from behind.

E: Grandma could get the better of a guy if they were looking her in the face. I can't even begin to count all the times she slapped dad senseless when he was looking right at her.

M: The sad part about that is she needs an oxygen tank to breathe!

E: Yeah.

M: Man, it's gonna be so much fun fighting to keep the gold. The funny thing is, I think Viper and Gent don't really want anything to do with this match.

E: Why's that?

M: Well, it's been like 3 days since Epic, and they're yet to cut a promo for the pay per view. Remember how they was before we kicked their asses? They had a terrible case of diarhhea of the mouth!

E: True.

M: And now what? Nothing. I don't know about you, but I'm gonna have to say it'll be the same case with Jack Knight and Chris Trenapier.

E: I wouldn't doubt it.

The Mechanic turns to the camera. His face is expressionless except for the smallest of grins.

M: And you guys are calling us foolish? You are the fools. See, I think you two are forgetting that we've never been beaten as a team. And the fact that my brother and I are the longest reigning Tag Team champions in BLPW history to date. For almost 5 weeks now, we have held the Tag Titles and not once have we failed to retain them. Oh sure, teams have tried to remove them from our possession, but it never works.

It is at this time that the Electrician turns to the camera.

E: What my brother is trying to say, "Storm Front 2000", is that we will continue to reign as the Tag Champs of the BLPW even after Dead On Arrival has passed. Now I'm not completely familiar with your pasts, but word on the street is that you, Chris Trenapier, came close to winning a World Title once. But chance came to be against you and you never got that title shot because the title was stripped from the current World Champ. You know why? Because they didn't want some punk like you for their World Champ. Well guess what? You're looking at a former World Champion. That's right. I not only got my shot, I earned the damn thing after an hour long, no DQ falls count anywhere match that involved a lot of pain. But when it came right down to those last few seconds, when it really mattered, I had what it took to pull it off. And until an impressive rookie came along and broke my record, I was the longest reigning ACW World Champion when I held the belt for 3 months.

M: Not only that, but you're also looking at a former BLPW Western Champion. I currently hold the record for second longest reign as the BLPW Western Champ. So you see, you're going up against two of the best that the BLPW has to offer. Granted, we may not be all that good when it comes to singles matches, but this is when teamwork means everything, and we will not be defeated.

E: It's a simple mathematical formula really. You take team one, a, which would be us; team two, b, which would be you; and team three, c, which would be Viper and Gent. You add those 3 together, then divide them by the highest talent factor, x, which would be us of course since we are the BLPW Tag Champs, and then multiply that answer by your total number of participants, which would be six. That answer states just who will walk out the winner. So you see, A+B+C divided by X times 6.

M: So, The Technicians plus Storm Front 2000 plus Badstreet USA, divided by The Technicians times 6 equals ALL FOUR OF YOU GETTING YOUR ASSES KICKED!!!

E: Exactly. Have a nice day.

Both Technicians spot a full Pez package sitting on the counter. They trade glances, and then both make a mad dash for the Pez. As the scene fades out, the Mechanic screams "IT'S MINE F*CKER!!!"