We join The Technicians as they sit inside of a smoke-filled bar. The speakers are blaring music in which the lyrics cannot even be understood, and the Mechanic and the Electrician are sitting at the bar, both with huge glasses in front of them, both filled with a thick, piss-colored liquid.

M: Ah, nothin' gets ya ready for a debut match like a good ol' beer.

E: Tru dat poody.

M: Don't start with that... let's just enjoy the night?

E: All right... but you're definitely getting the name-calling tomorrow.

M: Whatever. Anyway... we really should concentrate on our match.

E: Why? We're wrestling jobbers for Christs sake... jobbers! It's like this: we enter, we kick ass, and we leave. That's all there is to it.

M: I dunno... I just feel like we're gonna lose.

The Electrician reaches out and slaps the Mechanic.

E: Would you quit with that losing attitude already?! Damn... just because you didn't fair very well in the TWC doesn't mean you won't do good in any other fed! Besides, not only is the TWC now closed, it was also a house for wrestlers that were way out of your league! We fit in better here, so there's no reason why we shouldn't do excellently. And don't forget, you're supposed to be the fearless leader of us... what good are we if our leader won't even have a winning attitude? You know what will happen if you keep this up, don't you? You'll be overthrown, and it'll be either me or Matt in your position... and you know that wouldn't be good.

M: Oh yeah.

E: Damn... you just need to go out and kick someone's ass right now is what you need.

M: That doesn't sound too bad.

E: Well let's go.

The Electrician throws some money on the bar and the two exit the building. They walk a few blocks down the street, when a dirty, disgusting, smelly, scrawny, obviously homeless bum stops them.

Bum: You got any spare change?

M: No, but I'll tell ya what I do have for ya.

Bum: What?

M: A nice, shiny boot!

Bum: What are you...

Before the bum can even finish his sentence, the Mechanic lunges upon him and begins beating him into a bloody pulp. The Electrician watches on in disgust for a few moments before pulling his brother off the bum. The Electrician slaps him again.

E: What the hell is wrong with you?

M: What? You told me I need to kick someone's ass.

E: I meant someone that's actually capable of fighting.

M: Oh... sorry.

The Electrician gives the bum a couple of dollars and the two continue walking down the street. The Electrician stops his brother.

E: Check it out... an all-night gym. There's surely gotta be some big guy we can beat up in there.

M: For sure!

The two walk into the establishment and are stopped by the clerk.

Clerk: Can I help you?

E: Naw... we're just looking for someone.

Clerk: Who? I can page him.

E: That's all right. We'll find him ourselves.

Clerk: Okay. But just as a fair warning... it is a big gym.

E: Whatever.

The Technicians begin to wander around the gym. After a few minutes of this, they find the weight room. Walking in, they see an extremely large man- much larger than the two of them put together- and they look at each other and grin.

E: There's your man.

M: Oh hell yes.

The Mechanic walks up behind him and patiently waits as he finishes up a set of curls. When the man is finished, the Mechanic reaches up and taps him on the shoulder. The man turns around and looks down at him. In a deep, accented voice, the man speaks.

Man: What?

M: I was just wondering if you could do me a favor.

Man: Which is what?

M: Well... could you crouch over for me?

Man: Why?

M: Please? I've never seen a man with so much muscle in his face before... I just wanted to get a real good look at it.

Man: Uhh... okay?

The man does as the Mechanic asks him. The Mechanic stares intently for a few moments, acting as if he's interested. Then, out of nowhere, the Mechanic rears back and hits him as hard as he possibly can. The man just stands there as if nothing had happened.

Man: Do you feel a draft?

M: (nervously)No... w... why?

Man: Oh, okay. Just wondering. I thought I felt one.

M: Oh... no, I didn't feel one.

Man: Anyway, you done yet?

M: Yeah.

The man stands up and goes back to his workout as the Mechanic walks back over to the Electrician, who slaps him again.

M: Would you stop that already?!

E: What the hell was that?! Go over there and beat his ass already!

M: You saw what happened... it would take all night!

E: Do it!

M: But...

E: Do it!

M: But...


The Mechanic grunts in anger, then turns around and charges at the man, jumping on his back and releasing everything he's got. The man just continues his workout as if nothing is going on, staring at his own muscles in the mirror as they flex. The Mechanic beats him repeatedly on the head with his fists, but still to no avail. Finally, the Mechanic takes the boot off his foot and begins pounding on the man's skull with it. However, when dealing with all-brawn-no-brain types such as this, it is absolutely useless. The Mechanic, now exhausted, drops off the man's back and collapses on the floor below. The Electrician walks over and helps him up.

E: Do I have to do everything around here?

The Electrician, before tapping the man on the shoulder, takes out a 9-volt battery and licks it. Then, when the man turns around, the Electrician plants a hard forearm smash into the mans face. The man stands there for a second, dazed, then falls backwards and hits the floor with a thud.

E: See? That's how it's done! Now go over to him and do it!

The Electrician points to another musclehead on the other side of the weight room. The Mechanic puts his boot back on then walks over to the man. He taps him on the shoulder, and before the man can even turn around, the Mechanic deals him a hard, swift kick in the groin. The musclehead grabs his groin in a huge fit of pain, and then drops to the ground when the Mechanic begins pounding on him. Finally, the beating ends, and the Mechanic and the Electrician leave the gym.

E: See how easy that was?

M: (very winded) Yeah... I feel much... better now.

E: You ready to kick some jobber ass?

M: Damn... right.

E: Good.

The Technicians begin walking back in the direction of the bar, when out of nowhere, that dirty, disgusting, smelly, scrawny, obviously homeless bum rushes out of the darkness and lunges upon the Mechanic, tackling him to the ground. The bum begins beating him senseless as the Electrician looks on and laughs. The scene fades to black as the Electrician begins to pull the bum off the Mechanic.