The camera's come into focus on Bill Ogilvy, and as they zoom out, we see the Technicians standing side by side, in their wrestling gear, each with their respective halves of the Tag Title belts flung over their shoulders. The Electrician has a great look of intensity in his eyes, and the Mechanic is grinning sadistically as both hop from foot-to-foot, getting psyched for their Tag Title defense in just a few hours time. Bill Ogilvy is dressed in a 3 piece black and white tux, complete with a black bow tie, and is holding a microphone to his mouth.

Bill: Hello ladies and gentlemen. I'm here with the Technicians, who in just a few hours time will be facing Viper and Jimmy the Gent in a classic BLPW Tag Title defense. Electrician, what can you tell us about this?

E: (in the most intense voice he can muster) Bill, Jimmy the Gent and Viper are going to understand what the word pain means soon enough! They think they can handle the Technicians in their own game?! They think they can strip these belts from our very hands?! They can't do anything!

M: (also in the most intense voice he can muster) That's right! Me and my brother the Electrician are going to show these two wimps what it means to be a champion! We're gonna walk all over them in the middle of the ring, then pin them to keep our gold! And then they will truly understand what it means to be...


The Mechanic and the Electrician charge out of the camera's view, and Bill wraps it up.

Bill: There you have it ladies and gentlemen. The Technicians are extremely confident that they will retain their Titles tonight at Epic. Don't forget to tune in tonight at 9.

The scene fades to black.

Off camera:

Walking through the halls of the BLPW arena, still in their wrestling gear and carrying the Tag Titles, the Technicians are headed for their locker room. Both seem to be in an upbeat mood, despite a lot of the sh*t that's happened in the past week.

M: Damn that was fun!

E: I'd have to agree. I remember watching promo's like that when we were kids man.

M: Me too. Whatever happened to those days anyway?

E: Vince McMahon.

M: Oh yeah.

The two round a corner and bump into the Dork Knight and Chris Bendork. The two jobbers almost get an attitude when they realize who they ran into- isn't amazing how being "bad asses" can change people's attitudes so quickly?

Dork Knight: Oh, hey guys.

M: What's happenin' slick?

Chris: Not much. Just looking for something to do until Epic rolls around.

E: Understandable. So how's your head there Dorky?

Knight: Oh, it's doing good. No concussion this time.

E: That's nice.

M: But if you'll excuse us.

Chris: Certainly.

Chris Bendork and the Dork Knight step out of the way and the Technicians continue walking. When they finally get inside their locker room, the Mechanic shudders.

E: What's the matter?

M: Eh, I just hate talking to jobbers. It's like talking to the guy you just beat the crap out of, ya know?

E: Yeah. But they get paid to get beat up.

M: I s'pose. So you pumped about tonight?

E: Damn right I am. I can't wait to tear those guys in half and leave them as a bloody pile of maggot food in the middle of the ring!

M: Whoa, hold on there chief. We're just wrestling them, we don't need to murder them.

E: You know what I meant.

M: Phh... the way you been acting lately? How do I know you weren't serious?

E: Because I may be crazy, but I'm not that crazy.

M: Whatever. Come on, let's go practice a few bumps before the fans start coming in. They see us out there and we'll have one hell of a time getting back here unscathed.

E: All right.

The Technicians leave their Tag Titles in their locker room and walk out the door.