Love... the one thing that seperates humans from animals. If it weren't for love, we'd all be nothin' but mammals and doin' it like they do on the discovery channel. We men could do what we want to do: find 'em, f*ck 'em, and forget 'em. But love keeps us from doing that... damn love to hell! The only way it's possible is prostitution... and that's illegal in 49 of the 50 United States.

Such is the case with the Technicians. They're both involved with a woman- women that they both f*cked on the first date and should of left then, but love prevented it. Well, not love, but their compassion to not hurt the feelings of these two ladies. Now they find themselves in relationships that involve strong feelings- just not said strong feelings. Knowing this, they have but one choice: DUMP THE BITCHES! But what the hell am I wasting your time with blabber talk about love for? That has absolutely nothing to do with Epic! So, on with the show!

The Technicians find themselves at a local Philly bar. You would think the smoke-filled air would about gag them to death, but they seem to be invincible to its effects. Enjoying a couple of cold ones, they watch a football game on the tube.

M: Ya know what? I think I'm gonna step out for some air.

E: Mind if I join ya?

M: Why the hell would I mind ya retard?

They stand and walk outside to the patio where only a few people are "chillin." Sitting down at a table, the Mechanic takes a deep breath and rubs his eyes. Then he looks at his brother, who's just staring down into the half full glass in front of him with that look in his eyes. You know the look. The one that says "Oh, God... we're gonna lose the Tag Titles at Epic." This obviously frustrates the Mechanic, but he keeps his composure and just decides to pimp slap his brother instead.

E: OUCH! What the hell was that for?!

M: For doubting us.

E: What are you talking about?

M: You know damn well what I'm talking about! I could see it in your eyes- you don't know if we can do this!

E: So I'm wondering just how well the Gent and Viper work as a team. You did hear that they used to be a tag team before they came here, didn't you?

M: Yes I did, but that doesn't mean they work better as a team than we do. Look at us for crying out loud! Not one single loss as a tag team since we first teamed up way back in the days of the TWW. Not once have we taken the fall because we couldn't function as a team, not once! And now, after all this time, you're beginning to wonder if we can pull it off again? That's bullsh*t!

E: But...

M: But nothing! You know what the difference is between us and them? Blood. Pure and simple. The reason we're so good as a team is because we're brothers and they're not. We can read each others faces and we can predict each others moves. That's the reason we can't be beaten as a team! And you want to sit there and tell me that you're doubting we can do it?

E: You do have a point.

M: Ya damn right I do! Remember when we first got here? When we were about to face Panik and Boromir for the Titles? Remember how I was? Remember how you had to push me to my very limits for the sake of the gold? Remember?!

E: Yeah.

M: Now the same thing is happening, only this time you're me and I'm you. I'm the one that has to motivate you, I'm the one that has to push you to excel, I'm the one that has to drag you kicking and screaming into that ring! And what the hell am I getting for it from you? Nothing. What are you getting? Nothing. What are we getting? Another tag team that couldn't measure up to us. Another week or two under our belts as the BLPW Tag Team champions. Another victory to that untarnished record of ours!

Don't you see? If you can't keep your head on straight in this match- then all of it has been in vain, all of it for nothing. And I don't know about you, but another week or two as Tag champs sounds a hell of a lot better than our first loss.

The Mechanic sits back in his chair, somewhat scowling at his brother, and takes another drink of his beer. What's it gonna take to get his brother back on track? For him, it was winning the Western Title tournament. Winning that belt restored a lost faith in himself, and despite losing the belt recently, the Mechanic hasn't felt so good in his life- knowing that he does have the ability to make something of himself. Knowing that, no matter what happens from this day forth, he can make a name for himself. Hell, he already has.