Ahh, the good ol' homestead. It may be a sh*thole, but at least it's something else he can call his own. Well, half of it is his own anyway. The Mechanic is extremely relaxed on the plush, flannel, worn-out couch he bought at the Goodwill store for 20 bucks. Isn't weird how cheap sofa's are always the most comfortable? When he actually sleeps in the apartment these days, it's usually on the couch. Yeah, his bed is comfortable, but going there involves climbing over a mountain of dirty clothes that protects it. Maybe he should throw a blanket over the top of it and make it a fort. Fort's kick ass. The Mechanic is about to fall into a peaceful rest after a long night of partying, despite losing the Western Title, when the ringing phone about gives him a heart attack. He shoots straight up to his feet and grabs the phone.

M: Speak!

The person on the other end cannot be understood, but their tone doesn't sound friendly.

M: Oh, sorry mom. I was just getting ready to go to sleep.

What do you mean that's unusual? Ever since we got out here I've been awake more than I've been asleep.

No I'm not on drugs!

I don't care about dad's bowel movements. That's disgusting!

Yes, he's fine.

No, honestly, he's fine. He's just had a little bad luck lately, that's all. He won his match last night, so he'll be fine.

Haven't you been watching? We haven't broke anything.

Dammit mom, why?

I don't care if you guys want 'em outta the house! We don't have room for them here!

It's not that I don't want to see them, but we don't have the space, unless you want them sleeping in the closet.

You are outta your mind.

I will not! We may be making money again, but that doesn't mean we can just go throwing it around like it's not a big deal. The rent on this place ain't cheap ya know!

What savings? You know as well as I do that they blew all their savings on the trip to Vegas last month! Hell, you had to wire them the money to get back home, remember?

I don't care if you do help pay for it! The whole point of us coming here was to get away for a while.

No, he's not here. He's at his girlfriends house.

No, she's not a gesabelle. She's very nice. She's going to college and getting a degree.

Yes, I am seeing someone. She's not a gesabelle either. She's doing the same thing as Dave's girlfriend.

Yes, they are twins.

For the last time, NO!

The Mechanic slams the phone down on the receiver. He lies back down and tries to go to sleep, but the conversation with his mom has obviously gotten him worked up. He begins talking out loud to himself.

M: Damn her anyway! What makes her think I'm gonna pay to build a house for my brothers? They may be family, but dammit, that doesn't mean I have to do everything for them! It's not my fault they're too damned lazy to make a life for themselves.

The phone rings again. Letting out a loud roar beforehand, the Mechanic picks up the phone again.

M: Dammit mom, I said no!

Oh, hi Kendra.

No, my mom just called me. She wants me to let my other brothers move in here.

That's what I said. Then she got this crazy idea that I'd pay to build a house for them.

I know!

Yeah, I'll call you later. Bye.

The Mechanic hangs up the phone, and just as he's about to fall asleep, the door bursts open and the Electrician comes barging into the room. Absolutely frustrated, the Mechanic jumps to his feet.


The Electrician pays no attention to his brothers shouting and just shoves a piece of paper in his face. The Mechanic pulls his head back so he can focus on it, and he reads "The Technicians vs. Jimmy the Gent & Viper (BLPW Tag Team Titles)" on it.

M: What the...

E: I know.

M: Well... come to think of it, it's really not all that weird. Hell, we won the Tag Titles our second match here.

E: Yeah, but we came in here as a team.

The Electrician reaches into his pocket and pulls out a 9 volt battery. SLURP! The Electrician rubs the terminals against his tongue. Oooh yeah, nothing like good ol' slurrpage of a 9-volt battery after a long night.

M: God you're a homo.

E: What?

M: Would you stop it with the batteries already?

E: Okay, then tell me what we're gonna do to keep our titles.

The Mechanic sighs. Sometimes being the "leader" sucks, ya know? It's like... people just expect you to know things. Reversing the roles, the Mechanic slaps his brother.

M: We're gonna do the same thing we've always done: kick ass. And not just some ass- tons of it! Jimmy the Gent doesn't quite understand how things work around here yet, so it's a good opportunity to show him a thing or two. And Viper... well, in case you forgot, you just kicked his ass last night.

E: I haven't forgotten that, but in case you didn't notice, I barely beat him.

M: There was no barely about it. Sure, the way you pinned him might of been a little... unethical, but the fact of the matter is, you beat him. End of story.

E: No, not end of story. You're going places here. Despite losing the Western title last night, you're going places. I'm more at a standstill, and if we lose the Tag Titles, then I have nothing to lay claim to and neither do you. And if...

M: Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa... hold on a second. I've got my pride to lay claim to, and I only wonder what the hell happened to yours. It seems like ever since End of the Line, you ain't been nothin' but a bitch. You need to realize that even though your career may be at a standstill, it's not gonna stay that way forever. And even if it does, at least you're getting paid to suck. If there's any pressure on us, it's on me right now.

E: And why's that?

M: Remember what happened when you unjustly lost the World Title in ACW? At the next Rampage, the fans were chanting your name throughout the whole show- just waiting for you to come out and kick somebody's ass. But you didn't. Instead, you disappeared like a scared little girl hiding from the monsters in her closet. Not only ending your career in ACW, but making the fans lose faith in you as well.

Now, that same pressure is on me. Come Epic next week, they're just gonna be waiting for me to piss pound on somebody, and I don't know about you, but I'd rather do it to Jimmy the Gent and Viper than somebody that don't need it.

E: Yeah, but I lost it unfairly. You lost yours because you just couldn't measure up to Shaitan.

M: It wasn't that I couldn't measure up to him- it was because he wanted it more than me. You know as well as I do that when it comes to the win, the one that wants it more will be the one who gets it.

E: Still, fact remains that you didn't lose it because of interference.

M: It doesn't matter! The same pressure will be on me to make a comeback because of it, and if you don't pull yourself together, we will lose the Tag Titles. And what will happen after that? Both our careers will be at a standstill.

E: (sighs) Keith, you know as well as I do that it don't matter who we're facing or what kind of mood we're in- we always work well as a team. We always have. Remember way back when at home when you and me would beat the crap out of Chris and Russ? We've only gotten better since then.

M: Exactly, and that's why we won't lose the Tag Titles- especially to a couple of overconfident jackasses that are yet to make a name for themselves here. Now leave me alone so I can go to sleep!

The Mechanic lies back down on the couch and the Electrician disappears down the hallway as the scene fades to black.