Yes, that's right... we're back in that god aweful bedroom that belongs to the Mechanic. Apparently no one is about, as nothing but a mountain of dirty clothes and pictures of sexy blondes hanging all over jacked up pick up trucks (hey, I rhymed again!) hang on the walls. But wait a second... there's movement coming from the mountain of clothes. What could it be? Oh my lord... it's the Mechanic! I guess his bed is protected by that mountain of dirty clothes! You think he's got a bow and suction cup arrow to defend his territory? I do...

Anyway, the Mechanic just sits there for a moment, then lies back down and the giggling of Kendra can be heard coming from behind the mountain of clothes. Do we dare take the camera's back there? NO! Nobody wants to see... that! So, the camera's stay put, and just listen to the Mechanic and Kendra discuss things.

Kendra: We should do this more often.

M: As if we don't do it enough already?

Kendra: No.

M: What do you think I am? A well-oiled machine or something?

Kendra: Well, you do call yourself the Mechanic.

M: That means I can fix machines! Doesn't mean I am one!

Kendra: Let's just trying doing it 5 times in one day, or night, okay?

M: 5 times?! There's no way we can sing 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall 5 times in one day!

Kendra: Yeah, you're right. So have you seen Shaitan's latest promo's?

M: Unfortunately. I hate misunderstandings. I wasn't really angry that I've got to face him, it just seems kind of odd. Like the powers of the BLPW are testing me and my brother as if to find out just who the better wrestler is.

Kendra: Why is that a bad thing?

M: Because my brother and I have always tried to play equal parts when it comes to wrestling. It's kind of our way of making sure that we don't hate each other for being more successful. It was that way in ACW and even way back in e-Pro. I mean sure, I am kinda jealous that he's held a World Title for having been in the business less time than me, but I know I'll have my time as a World Champ as well.

Kendra: Didn't Shaitan say something about losing all respect for you?

M: What is this, an interview? Did the BLPW pay you money to get words out of my mouth or something?

Kendra: No.

M: Oh, okay then. As for Shaitan having respect for me- that's his business. It doesn't matter who you are or how good you are in the ring, there's always gonna be one guy that doesn't respect you. I'm surprised to find out that he even respected me at all. Sure, it's nice to know that at least somebody respects me, but if he don't wanna do it, I ain't gonna try to beat it out of him.

Kendra: Yeah. You'll just win and go on with your life huh?

M: F*ck, who knows. I won't deny Shaitan his dues, he's a good athelete and could probably make mince meat out of me if he felt up to it. But it seems like he's going through some tough times in his head right now. That could be a good thing or a bad thing at Epic.

Kendra: How so?

M: Well, if he continues to let things get him down, then he might just snap tomorrow night and break my neck. Or, he'll be so depressed with his own troubles that he'll basically just give me the match. Only time will tell.

Kendra: Well didn't he say he's gonna take that title just because he can?

M: Well, I think that's what was in his statement. And if he does, then maybe it's time for me to move on to bigger and better things like the Eastern Title. Granted, not even 3 weeks holding the Western title isn't really that much of a championship streak, but, and as much as I don't believe what I'm saying right now, sometimes things happen because they're just meant to be that way. Maybe it's Shaitan's time to hold the Western title while I go onto other things. I just wish they had a Hardcore division here.

Kendra: So do I. I would love to see you in a hardcore match.

M: Phh, you think I'm crazy or something? I won't participate in a hardcore match unless I absolutely have to!

Kendra: Then why...

M: Because my brother needs something to do! Have you seen him lately? He's gonna go really crazy if he doesn't get some gold of his own. And I know he'd just jump at the opportunity of a hardcore match. Before he won the ACW World Title, that's all he did. I remember that Pane Glass Lions Den match against Sefier... I thought he was gonna die. But he loved every minute of it, there's no denying that.

Kendra: Why am I not surprised? So you feeling good about this match against Shaitan?

M: I dunno yet. I can never tell if I'm feeling good or bad about a match until I walk down that ramp. Maybe I should take up meditation... or tantra.

Kendra: Tantra?

M: Haven't you ever seen American Pie 2?

Kendra: Oh yeah. Ohhh...

Kendra giggles as the camera crew, not knowing what will happen next and really not wanting to find out, begin to run for their lives. The scene cuts to static.