(OOC: This is written from Emily Trembley's point of view. Her thoughts are in italics, and the rest is the usual format.)

God, where the f*ck is he?! I've been waiting for 45 minutes now! If he doesn't show up soon, I'm leaving! I don't have the time to sit around a wait for this bastard!

Emily paces around a room in the BLPW Arena, obviously frustrated, in that leather mini-skirt that makes her ass just look oh-so-bone-able and a loose fitting, inside out sweatshirt. What's with the fashions these days, anyway? But, her bosom shall wait no longer, as the door bursts open and the Electrician and Krista walk in. There is water dripping off of them, and Krista walks over into a corner and squeezes her hair so that it's not so wet. Emily looks at them in surprise.

Well it's about time!

The Electrician removes his jacket and like a wet dog, vigorously shakes his head to dry off a little bit. Emily smiles as she approaches the Electrician just as Krista stands beside him.

Emily: Nice of you to make it. I was wondering if the weather would stop you or not.

E: It wasn't the weather. Krista's car just died. We had to walk a half a mile.

Emily: Sorry to hear that. Let's get started shall we?

Yeah, right. I bet they just stopped for a quickie. Look at that little whore. I'm so much better for him than she is.

The Electrician mumbles something to Krista, and she lightly kisses him on the cheek then walks over to a chair that's against the wall and sits down. The Electrician then walks over and sits down in the chair that's in front of Emily. Emily smiles.

Emily: Let's get started, shall we?

E: Let's.

Emily: You rolling?

Cameraperson: Yep.

God he looks sexy, all drenched in water and that tight tee shirt.

Emily clears her throat, and her dirty little mind... let's hope. And the camera turns on.

Emily: Okay. Viper recently made the statement that you are gauranteeing you will defeat him at this week's Epic. What do you have to say about that?

E: Does Viper ever shut his mouth and open up his ears? Okay, yeah, I did say that I would beat him at Epic, but he keeps saying the exact same thing! What he's failing to realize is that this match could go either way. I could win, he could win, whatever. It makes no difference to me.

(in a sarcastic tone inside her head) Well isn't he just the blabbermouth of the century? I should interview him more often. (sarcasm fades) Although... he really is turning me on right now... oooh...

God, make it stop! Next thing we all know, the Electrician isn't going to be the bleeding bitch of the BLPW, he's gonna be the Pimp! Wouldn't that be a sight to see?

Emily: Viper wrote a little poem...

E: Say no more. I read his little poem when Krista copied it down and gave it to me.

The Electrician has a look on his face as if he's about to say something either really stupid or... really stupid. And that comes... NOW!

E: Now I thought Mya Angelou was a freak... but this guy- he takes the cake on freak. Not even Shaitan compares to Viper- and Shaitan's royally screwed in the head!

Like you're not, Mr. the oompa loompa's are after me?

E: I think that Viper has missed his true calling in life. It's definitely not wrestling, that's for sure. Or maybe he just wasn't good enough to be what he really wanted to be, so he decided to go for the next best thing. Reading this man's poem, there was one name that crossed my mind: Boogie Man. Viper is definitely a Boogie Man wannabe- but it's obvious that he wasn't good enough for that so he decided to become a pro wrestler, and I use that term loosely when I speak about him, so that he could still scare little kids. Only problem with that is the kids probably make fun of him more than they are scared of him. And we have to ask ourselves: what kind of man runs from himself, because he's scared of himself? (Referring to the line: "Running from myself as as I"m filled with self-fright." from Vipers RP) What, is he like, one of those schitzo's or something? One half is good and pure, the other half is filled with demonic intentions? That doesn't make a very good boogie man if you ask me. Sounds like last time he looked in the mirror, he scared himself.

Well, can't argue with that. Viper is pretty ugly. Not hot and cute and sexy like the man in front of me.... oooh... I may have to beat Krista to death.

Emily shoots a look over to Krista, who's watching her intently, as if she knows Emily's got the hots the Electrician. But Emily doesn't look long and returns her stare to the sexy beast right in front of her.

Emily: I see. Viper also claims that you will be scared when you two get in the ring together. I believe he means that you'll be too scared to fight him. What are your thoughts about this?

E: Emily, I think we all know that's not going to happen. Every time I've stepped in the ring, I've always followed through. Did I get scared when I stepped in the ring with Shaitan? Did I get scared when I stepped in the ring with Shawn Sanders? No. Despite losing against them, I was still man enough to stand up to them. If the day should ever come that I finally get a shot at a singles title, I'll still stand my ground. The only fear involved in our match will be when Viper's scared of losing- and that will be just after I lock in the Crossed Wires, up until the moment he either passes out from the pain or taps. If you ask me, Viper's too involved with looking and sounding and acting all dark and mysterious than he's concerned about winning. Kinda like that freak Xavier my brother and I ran into a few weeks ago.

Oh god... say it again... say freak again... I wanna get freaky with you baby.

It is at this moment that Emily realizes she's just about drooling as she stares at the Electrician. The Electrician is flattered of course, but Krista is giving Emily the "death stare." Cat fight! Please! Let my creative abilities give us a cat fight!

Emily: I agree. So do you have any final words for your opponent?

E: Yes, as a matter of fact.

The Electrician looks into the camera. His face is expressionless. It reveals no anger, no fear, no happiness or sorrow.

Electrician and Emily, sittin' in a tree. F-U-C-K-I-N-G. Huuuuuump him, strooooooke him, la dee da da da...

E: Viper, be all dark and gothic. Talk all the smack you want. Preach on about how I will be the one to deal with defeat. It doesn't bother me any. I've dealt with defeat before, and I find it hard to believe that you've never lost a match so I'm sure your own little world will go on turning just fine even if you do lose. What gets me most about you is how you are being over-confident. Isn't there some rule in your "Rule Book of Being Gothic" that states you can't be too over-confident, or something like that? If there is, then you should really consider obeying the rules for once. You want to try and tell me that I'm the one underestimating you, when you're the one that hasn't even let the possibility of losing enter your mind? I think you're a little confused here. I may not be dark, I may not be gothic, I may not be a boogie man wannabe, but at least I'm man enough to realize that the outcome of this match isn't set in stone. I've got just as much a chance of winning this as you do.

So, in closing, lick your left nut, worship your little demi-god, go to the circus, and write your little poems about wanting the boogie man's job. HA! I can rhyme too! Then, when you have a few hairs popping out of your scrotum and you've grown out of that "I'm invincible because I am Skeletor" stage, try getting laid.

See ya in the ring.

Oooh... the words of a true man... that's it, he's mine!

The camera shuts off. The Electrician no more than stands up and begins to walk away when Emily jumps from her seat and lunges upon him, kissing him all over his face. When Krista sees this, she tackles Emily off the Electrician and begins piss pounding Emily. YES! CAT FIIIIIIGHT!

Emily has no chance against the sudden attack from Krista, and can do nothing but lie there as Krista tears away at her. But suddenly, the tables have turned, and Emily yanks on Krista's hair, causing Krista's head to go with it, thus distracting her and giving Emily a fighting chance. The Electrician and the entire camera crew just watch as these two women go at it. Emily slaps Krista so hard that it echo's throughout the entire arena, then begins slamming Krista's head against the concrete floor. But this doesn't last for long and Krista is now on the attack again, slamming Emily's head against the floor. Knowing Emily may die at Krista's hands, the Electrician pulls Krista off of Emily and carries her out of the room on his shoulder. Damn him! I was hoping to see titties fly out!