Truly there are few guys as stupid as the Electrician. But we cannot deny credit where credit is due and the only credit due here is the fact that this guy is not only a psycho, but a LOSING psycho as well.

The most recent victory this man has experienced was the November 1st edition of Epic when the Technicians literally handed Ace Roberts and Osiris' their testicles, if they ever had any in the first place. Beyond that, the Electrician hasn't won a match since he faced... well, come to think of it, nobody. The fact is, he hasn't won one singles match during his time here. His only victories have come to him when he's been teamed with his brother the Mechanic. So what does that say about this man? It says that he can do perfectly well when he's got a team mate, but chokes when it's just him.

So how, you may ask, can a man that chokes in singles matches have held a World Title? I decided to do a little research into exactly how he earned that World strap, and what I found was... interesting. In order to do this, however, I had to illegally hack the ACW website, which was closed down some time ago, so that I could have a personal look at the records myself.

It appears that the Electrician defeated his former tag team partner Dudfield for the World Title at ACW's second pay per view event. It was a clean win, there's no doubts about that. However, the way the title was defended may be a bit, how do I say, untraditional. It was fought in a no DQ, Falls Count Anywhere match, in which Dudfield and the Electrician somehow managed to beat the living piss out of each other for an entire hour. The match saw them fight to the back where they worked their way up a scaffold that was used in a hardcore match earlier in the night. A vertical suplex from 325 pound Dudfield caused the scaffolding planks to break in two, thereby causing both competitors to fall 25 feet down into a pool of firewater (water set on fire by use of gasoline). After both men rolled out onto the ground, the Electrician locked in the Crossed Wires, and the pain and exhaustion from the match caused Dudfield to pass out. The Electrician then pinned Dudfield, thereby claiming the World Title as his own.

It wasn't until 3 months later at ACW Genocide when the Electrician lost the World Title in a 3 Ladder 3 Title match where he was pitted against the ACW's top talent at the time: the Next King of Old School, Rap Legend, and the ever-dreadful newcomer Nemesis. It was in this fatal fourway, 3 Ladder 3 Title match where the Electrician would be the only competitor to walk out without some gold that night. He subsequently disappeared after that and only made special appearences every now and then. However, it wasn't in his control when he lost the title. ACW's owner, Mr. Balls, came out and knocked out the Electrician with a steel chair.

The Electrician is set to face the newcomer Viper at BLPW Epic on November 7. When he heard that Viper had remarked that he'd wait to see if he would present a challenge, the Electrician somewhat laughed. At least I think that's what it was, and said something to the effect of "I suppose he thinks he's special. That he doesn't have to face a jobber for his debut match." Of course, if this jackass had bothered to pay any attention to Epic on November 1st, he would have noticed that Viper faced Nikolai Dorkoff in his first match and that this one is, in fact, Vipers second match.

An interview with the Electrician, after he had viewed Vipers promo, led to even more questions. Viper's getting awfully cocky for a guy who hasn't even been here a month and remarked that the Electrician himself is a no account jobber. When asked about this, the Electrician's response was simple: "He can call me a jobber all he wants, but the bottom line is that he'll soon come to realize the only full-time jobber in the BLPW is himself." When I asked him what he thought about Viper's remarks about underestimating him, the Electrician's response was "Sounds to me like Viper is making the same mistake he told me not to make. If he thinks I'm gonna pay for underestimating him, then he's just assuming he can make me pay." His final remarks before the interview ended were as follows:

"Viper can talk tough all he wants about how he's gonna make me famous, *cough*Undertaker ripoff!*cough* make me the "bleeding bitch of the BLPW" and put me on a stretcher, but what he doesn't understand is that, no matter how much he may piss pound me, he'll never get rid of me. Ask Shaitan, or Shawn Sanders, or any other opponent that's beaten me, and they'll all tell you- you can't get rid of me. Oh sure, you can try, but it doesn't mean you'll do it- and that's one fact of life that the saying "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again," doesn't apply to. Viper can lick his left nut for all I care, but I'll still be here."

So one has to ask themselves: what does the future hold for the Electrician? My instincts tell me that if the Technicians should ever lose the Tag Titles, one of three things will happen: the Electrician will break off on his own and will go for a glory all his own. Two, he will become nothing more than the Mechanic's manager. Or three, he will disappear from the BLPW, never to be seen again. Despite being a raving psychotic, this man has potential that I believe is yet to be released. Up until the Electrician lost the ACW World Title at Genocide, he was doing quite well. Which just goes to show that he can be good when he wants to be. Maybe it's a matter of motivation. So far, his singles matches haven't given him much motivation as far as moving up the ranks are concerned. But when the Tag Titles are on the line- his performance seems to vastly improve. Despite what he says about loving the sport and only being in it because he enjoys it, maybe this mans true motivation is the gold. Or maybe he's trying to make up for losing the ACW World Title in such an unjust way. Who knows. The only way to find out is to watch BLPW Epic on November 7th and find out.

-The person who writes articles for the BLPW magazine.