M: Dammit! Where the f*ck did I put it?!

We find the Mechanic as he is frantically searching for something in that mess of an apartment. He just set it down a second ago, and now he can't find the damn thing. Isn't weird how that happens sometimes? The Mechanic is about to go crazy as he begins tossing clothes and pillows and blankets about the living room. But no matter where he looks, he still can't find it. Kendra is watching in amusement.

Kendra: You sure you didn't drink it?

M: Of course I'm sure! I just set it down like 2 seconds ago, and I didn't even open it!

Kendra just laughs as the Mechanic continues the frantic search for his beer that he seems to have lost. This really sucks. Losing beer is like losing money- ya just don't wanna stop looking for it until its found. Kendra notices the camera crew.

Kendra: Hey... those camera guys are here.

The Mechanic looks up at the camera for a second, then goes back to his search. No words, no promos, no nothing until that beer is found. Thank you Lord for saving us from his idiotic ramblings for at least another few minutes. Aww dammit! I spoke too soon. He's found it, and it was in the most unexpected place- the sink. What the hell was it doing... wait, I about forgot who I was dealing with. Anyway, opening the beer and taking down a huge swig, the Mechanic feels relaxed. He walks up to the camera and gets face-to-lens with it, grabbing it and shaking it when he does so.

M: What the hell is the matter with people?!

The Mechanic releases his hold on the camera and begins pacing around the room.

M: Not that I'm bitching... well, okay I am bitching a little bit... but doesn't it seem odd to you that within a month's time, the powers of the BLPW are making brothers face the same guy? First my brother has to face Mr. Satan- a match which he unfortunately lost- and now I've got to put the title on the line against this... this... thing?

I don't even know what to call him. A satanist that goes by the name of Shaitan... a wannabe satanist... a wrestler? Maybe I outta just call him by his name... but where's the fun in that?

Now this man is most likely presuming that because I'm the younger brother between myself and the Electrician that I'm not as good as him in the ring. But that's all backwards. There are four of us- myself, the Electrician, and two others- and all of us are pro wrestlers. But out of us four, I was the first one to set foot in the ring and I did that no more than 2, maybe 2 and a half years ago. And despite the fact that I am yet to hold a World Title for myself, I think I have proven my abilities during that time- especially here. In the little over 2 months I've been in the BLPW, I am yet to be defeated, and I have laid my claim to 2 different titles. From the day my brother and I won our debut match up until last week when we defeated Ace Roberts and Osiris. Not bad considering that I was underestimated from day one.

The Mechanic continues to pace and takes a drink of his beer, looking down in front of his feet. Probably to make sure he doesn't trip over something.

M: But that's all right. I will pick up where my brother left off, and I will pin Shaitan to the mat for the one two three. The Western title is the only thing I can call my own right now and I'll be damned if I'm gonna let it go not even a month after I won it.

Beating Osiris in the semi-finals of that tournament- that was skill. Beating Ace Roberts for the title- that was both skill and my ambition to win. My own special blend of ethanol feul to run on all 8 cylinders and show everybody that I can be as good as anybody put in front of me. And I will continue to do that because I don't think it's fair to say that because my own blood fell to the hands of this man, I am expected to fall to those same hands. That's not the way it's gonna happen. History tends to repeat itself and so far it's been repetitive every week since I got here. Usually when I'm doing the same thing week in and week out I get bored with it so I decide to do something to make it a little more interesting. But not this. I'll never get tired of winning. Hell, I'll never get tired of this business.

The scene fades to black as the Mechanic takes another drink of his beer.