We come to air inside of the Philly arena, joining the Technicians as they walk through the nearly empty corridors. The audio comes into tune...

Mechanic: Man, I think we're lost. We've been walking around this place for an hour and we still haven't found the arena.

Electrician: Dude, we'll find it. I'll use my super-techno-out-of-this-world-totally-awesome sense of direction!

Mechanic: Uhm... okay.

The two walk in silence for a few moments, then make a right.

Mechanic: Didn't we just make this turn like, 10 minutes ago?

Electrician: Just chill bro. We'll get there.

The two continue walking, making right and left turns. Finally, they hit a set of doors and walk through them, finding themselves at the North end of the arena, which is huge, by the way.

Electrician: See? I told you.

Mechanic: Oh my God... this place is f*cking huge! We could have a ring twice the size! Electrician: Hell yeah!

Mechanic: It's just too damn bad regulation wouldn't allow it.

Electrician: Yeah.

Mechanic: Oh well... doesn't matter anyway... we're gonna kick their asses and that's all it amounts to.

Electrician: Damn right.

The Technicians look on as the grunt workers of BLPW continue to set up the ring and such for Epic.

Electrician: Man, I remember them days when I was a grunt.

Mechanic: Me too. They sucked so damn much, but man were they fun.

Electrician: Tru dat, poody.

Mechanic: Don't do that.

Electrician: Do what, poody?

Mechanic: Call me poody.

Electrician: Okay poody.

Mechanic: Stop it!

Electrician: Whatever you say, poody.

Mechanic: I'm warning you.

Electrician: Sure thing poody.

Mechanic: That's it!

The Mechanic jumps his brother, slamming him into the wall behind them and then hitting him with a barrage of left and right hands. The Electrician begins to fight back as the scene fades to black.