We find the Electrician on "firewatch" so to speak. He's wearing his jeans but no shirt. It's late at night, but he stands there staring out the window, bow and suction-cup arrow in hand, just waiting for the oompa-loompa's to arrive. What has caused this man to have nearly lost his mind? We all know not having a match at BLPW End of the Line seemed to have an effect on him... but is there more to it than that? He seemed fine the night before the pay per view when he ran over Bill Ogilvy in the electric wheelchair, taking him out of action for 11 minutes and thereby causing him to be late for his interview with Matthew Bright. But there's got to be more to this than he's letting on... doesn't there? Who knows, all we know is that if he doesn't start cutting a promo soon, he may never do it.

Krista walks into the room in her silk robe, making it evident that we're at her place. And what a nice place it is. Check out those flowery curtains... yeah, ex-pen-sive. She casually walks up behind the Electrician and wraps her arms around his waist, hugging him tightly against her body. The Electrician doesn't move. He's either paralyzed with fear that a possible oompa-loompa now has him in his grasp- or he's just too busy playing soldier to notice. Krista plants a light kiss on his shoulder blade.

Krista: What are you doing?

E: Waiting... waiting for them to arrive. To find me.

Krista: Who?

E: Them...

Realizing just what he's talking about, Krista hangs her head against his back. Why does she always have to get involved with the psycho's? The last man she had ended up in a restraining order and her having to move all the way across the country just to keep him away. But there's something about the Electrician, so she tries to keep a positive mindset when dealing with his dillusions. She decides to change the subject.

Krista: Did you see your booked against that new guy Viper this week?

E: Who?

Krista: Viper. He was just signed on the roster yesterday and they gave him you instead of a jobber because he didn't want one.

E: Christ... some wrestlers these days. I suppose he thinks he's special or something. That's he's above the powers of the BLPW. Everybody that signs here faces a jobber for their debut match. It's not a choice, it's a tradition. A way of breaking in the new talent because the jobbers here could out-wrestle just about any other wrestler in the world. Even the WWE's top talent can't measure up to the jobbers here. But instead he's going to bitch about it. That's fine.

Krista: He said he would wait and see if you'd present a challenge or not.

The Electrician chuckles. He always loves it when people underestimate him. Despite being crazy, maybe a little eccentric at times, he knows the ring. He knows it all too well for the short time he's spent in it. His 8 month career has been extreme, involving table matches, 3-ladder-3-title matches, the Cell, and the pane glass Lions Den... as well as the typical, no stipulation matches.

E: He'll see what I bring to the ring, that's for sure. He'll see it clear as crystal when the bell has rung and my arm is held up in victory. I may only hold one half of the BLPW Tag Team titles, but that doesn't mean I'm a bad wrestler.

Krista: You're one of the best I think.

E: Ehh... maybe. But that is for JC Michaels and the other powers of the BLPW to decide. Every dog has its day, and I shall have mine as well. The only thing to do is wait for it to come.

Krista: Hopefully sooner than later.

E: Yeah. Hell, the Mechanic got his chance and he didn't hesitate to grab it. Now he's the Western champion as a result of his ambitions. Mine are the same, and my time will come.

Krista: Yeah.

There is silence for a few moments, then Krista creeps around in front of the Electrician and looks him in the eyes. She whispers.

Krista: Hey...

Krista stands on the very tips of her toes and begins kissing the Electrician as the scene fades to black. What the hell is it with women anyway? They always gotta be kissin' ya and all that. Damn them anyway! If our dicks didn't think for us men, the world would definitely be a different place.