We join our good buddy the Mechanic as he's just waking up after a peaceful nights rest. The first good, long sleep he's had in a long time. Eyes squinted, he slowly makes his way into the bathroom. The door doesn't shut all the way and out of nowhere comes the sound of human liquid bi-product colliding with toilet water at a very loud decibel level. Damn.... Niagra Falls and sh*t.

After the sound has stopped, the toilet can be heard flushing as the the Mechanic walks back out into the hallway. Yawning, he walks back into his bedroom and turns around, looking straight into the camera- his eyes still squinted. A moment passes, and after scratching his butt, the Mechanic falls back over into bed and immediately begins snoring.

The scene fades to black.

(Yes, that is all there is to this RP, hence the title of it.)