The scene returns inside the Technicians apartment where the Mechanic, Krista, and Kendra are still staring in disbelief at the Electrician's actions. Honestly, what kind of guy destroys a very nice stereo for the sake of not listening to those bloody oompa loompa's. "Maybe he just needs sex" Krista thinks to herself. With that, she takes him by the hand and leads him into his bedroom. The door shuts, and the Mechanic and Kendra breathe what is believed to be a sigh of relief.

M: Man, I don't know what just got into him.

Kendra: Me either. I mean, he's kinda crazy. But I didn't think he was that crazy.

M: He can be as crazy as he wants to be... I just wish he'd save it for the ring.

Kendra: Speaking of which, you guys plan on slaughtering Ace Roberts and Osiris this week?

M: Ya damn right we do. Those guys ain't nothin' but a joke, and if they do happen to take the Tag Titles from us, then good for them. We won't be the ones that have to put up with 'em.

Kendra: Yeah.

M: Besides, them two haven't exactly been on a winning streak lately. At least not Osiris. Ace, well, he's Ace. He's one of them guys that thinks he's tough, but couldn't be tough if tough kicked him in the ass.

Kendra: Oh yeah, I never did congratulate you on your Western Belt win.

M: You know, you're exactly right! Well... congratulate me then.

Kendra: No, I mean I haven't congratulated you on your Western Belt win yet.

There is a moment of silence on the Mechanic's face as he reads Kendra's face.

M: Ohhh yeah. Well, there's no better time than the present.

Kendra giggles and leads the Mechanic to his bedroom as the scene fades to black.


We return to air to find the Mechanic playing Pac-Man on the Atari. (Gotta love the classics!) The Electrician is at his side, trying to be a back-seat driver of sorts for the game.

E: NO! Go that way! Left! Right! Up! Sideways!

M: Are you playing?!

E: No.

M: Then shut the hell up!

Being distracted by his brother, the Mechanic gets nailed by a ghost and dies.

M: Dammit!

The Mechanic hands the joystick over to his brother and stands. He walks into the kitchen and grabs a can of "Mr. Green" out of fridge, then leans up against the counter. Opening the can and taking a drink, the Mechanic speaks.

M: You know Osiris, you truly are one of the BLPW jackasses. You rhyme trying to be all tough, then hide in fear when I beat the living piss out of you. It's just sad. I mean, if you're gonna rhyme or rap or whatever the hell you call it, at least make it good. And don't hide like a little bitch when you get your ass whooped. There's no shame in losing. So you've met your match, big deal. Live with it and move on with your life.

And Roberts- you just need a lesson in living. How about, instead of trying to be the Godfather, you just be yourself? Everybody in the BLPW, even the fans, know that you're not really part of the mafia, or mob, or whatever. Everybody knows you're not really the tough guy you claim to be. Everybody knows you have absolutely no connection with the mob what-so-ever. So why you just be what you really are? A wrestler. I'm what I really am: a mechanic and a wrestler. There's nothing wrong with that. I'm proud to be who I am- why can't you be too? Oh well, none of my business. I'm sure you'll just continue to pretend, and that's fine. Do whatever the hell you want. Just remember- when you're lying on the mat, looking up and seeing our hands raised in victory- it's because you tried to be tough instead of the broke down little girl you truly are.

The Mechanic goes back to his Pac-Man game as the scene fades to black.