The scene opens to reveal the Electrician, who has cleaned himself up a bit as he leans against the brick wall of the BLPW arena building. A change of clothes and a shave has made him look better, but one has to wonder if his sanity has returned yet...

E: Sanders, Sanders, Sanders.... you just don't understand, do you? I'm not worthy of being in the ring with you? HA! I think you're a bit confused friend. See, if anybody's not worthy of being in the ring with their opponent, it's you. The Tag Titles may not be much, but at least I can lay claim to a belt- you on the other hand, well, that's another story.

But let's not talk about that... let's concentrate on why you truly are the b*tch of the BLPW. It's quite simple- you complain too much! You know it could be worse... you could be wrestling jobbers week in and week out. You could be facing the top champions of the BLPW in handicap matches every single night. Or you could just not be competing at all. I may not be the best the BLPW has to offer, but dammit, at least I'm not the worst! That accounts for something.

But you don't care. You think you're God's gift to wrestling and that all should hail you and your worthless b*tching. And that's fine, if you really think it's gonna get you somewhere, by all means, go for it. Just remember that when JC finally kicks your ass outta here for good, you wasted all that time for nothing.

And yes, you are a has been. It doesn't matter if you're as old as Ric Flair or as young as Brock Lesnar.... you can be a has been anytime, any place. Maybe if you'd suck it up and stop your b*tching for once, things would be different. But instead, you wanna act like the 8 year old girl you really are. Oh well, doesn't make any difference to me.

Beat me within an inch of my life Sanders. Beat on me until somebody has the sack to stop you. Do whatever the hell you want- but I'm gonna tell you the same thing I told Mr. Satan when he tried to do the same thing: it still won't get rid of me. You can try, but it'll never work. I'll still be here. See you in the ring.

The Electrician looks over his back as he hears footsteps. Seeing a BLPW grunt, conveniantly dressed in an orange jumpsuit, he freaks.

E: Ahh! They've found me!!!

The Electrician plows through the camera crew trying to escape, causing the scene to cut to static.