Narrator: The Electrician assured us the night he was found that he was okay with not having a match at End of the Line. Unseen by the BLPW camera's, the Electrician was running around backstage, begging jobbers to wrestle with him. When they all refused his offer, which was conveniently after the Mechanic's big Western Title match, the Electrician... well, see for yourself.

We find the camera crew inside a large, abandoned warehouse. The only light is that of a street light shining in through the cracks of the boarded up windows. The camera is panning the floor of the warehouse under the impression that someone was going to be there. Was our camera crew deceived? Maybe. But then, motion is detected on the right side of the screen. The camera focuses on the spot the motion was seen, but there appears to be nothing there. Then, out of the shadows, a figure leaps upon the camera/camera man. The figure is screaming at the top of its lungs as if it was in the middle of a glorius battle. The camera crew can be heard screaming as the figure startled them. When the camera drops to the ground, we see the figure chasing after the camera crew as they run out the doors. When they have been chased out, the figure shuts and locks the doors, then dashes back over, leaps, grabs the camera, and rolls behind some old wooden crates that are stacked nearby. The figure turns the camera's attention on its face, and despite the unfocused picture, the figure can clearly be identified as the Electrician. However, he looks odd, even for himself. His face is smeared in black and white camouflage paint, and his eyes seem to be wider than usual. He speaks as he peers through a hole in the crates.

E: (in a high whisper) Stay down and keep quiet! The oompa-loompa's are out there, and they'll not rest until every last one of us is dead!

The Electrician "bravely" peers over the top of the crates, then quickly ducks back down.

E: Sh*t! I think one of them saw me. Keep your head down and stay quiet! If they didn't see me, they won't think there's anybody over here.

The Electrician continues to peer through the hole in the crates. Long moments pass as he just stares. Then, he speaks again, still whispering.

E: Looks like they didn't spot us. Them things are dangerous. Sure, they're cute and orange, but they're hardcore killers, I'm telling you.

The Electrician looks straight into the camera.

E: What do you mean Shawn Sanders? What is this devilry you speak of? I don't have time to worry about Sanders right now... there's oompa-loompa's out there with a craving for blood, and if I don't keep quiet, they'll find me.

The Electrician peers through the crates once again, and his eyes widen even more as potato bags filled with sand drop from the ceiling, but don't hit the ground since they're attatched to ropes.

E: Oh sh*t! They've spotted me! RUN!

The Electrician jumps to his feet, and pulls a wood-lathe sword from a duct-tape sheath on his belt. He holds the sword up high and runs at the potato bags, yelling as he does so. He swings and swipes at the potato bags with the sword, and as they get to swinging, the Electrician believes he is surrounded.

E: Get out! Save yourself! I will survive!

The Electrician continues fighting the potato bags. He begins working his way back towards the camera, then trips over something and the scene cuts to fuzz.