The scene opens to reveal the newest BLPW Western Champion, the Mechanic, walking the halls of the First Union Center in Philly. Despite claiming his first title, he looks rather worried. He stops a couple of BLPW grunts.

M: Hey, you guys seen my brother around anywhere?

Grunt 1: Nope.

Grunt 2: Naw.

M: All right, thanks.

The Mechanic continues walking until he comes upon another grunt.

M: Hey, you seen my brother?

Grunt: Nope.

M: All right, thanks.

The Mechanic continues walking, mumbling something to himself that can't be understood. He turns corners, calling out his brother's name, but nobody answers. He checks the arena, their locker room, and even that smelly, grimey, disgusting utility closet in the corner of the basement-- but still cannot find the Electrician. He suddenly turns around and just about runs face-first into the camera lens. He jumps and then holds his hand over his heart.

M: Good lord... you scared the bejesus outta me! What do you want?

Cameraman: Take one f*cking guess.

M: My brother has disappeared again, and you want me to do this now?

Cameraman: That's our job. To catch you at the most inconveniant times.

M: Oh yeah, I remember you. Damn cyclops anyway.

The Mechanic sighs.

M: Roberts, you fell victim to Osiris tonight at End of the Line, who later met me in the ring only to get his ass beat for the second time by my very own hands. Now I suppose you think that you're going to be able to play some of your little mob games with me, having beat down or whatever so that you have an advantage. Well I got news for you pal- it ain't gonna happen.

See, the last man you did that to, Mike Payne, was a mere nobody. I, on the other hand, am not only one half of the Tag Team champions, but I'm also the newest BLPW Western champion in case you missed it. I worked my ass off to win that title, and I'll be damned if I'm gonna let a sniveling little cheat like you snatch it away from me the week after I won it. Especially if you're not man enough to face me at full strength.

So Ace, as a fair warning from one competitor to another: uhm... I can't really think of any.

The Mechanic walks away from the camera as the scene fades to.... FUSCHIA!!!