The scene comes to air inside the Techs apartment, which is beginning to pile on dust. The Mechanic is lying on the floor, in somewhat of a sleeping state. It's obvious his hard training has wore him out, and everybody needs sleep. Well, not everybody... there are those people out there that have so much energy that they never sleep. But that's another story for another time. Besides, sleep is like a chemical addiction: if you don't think about it, you don't want it. Anyway, the Mechanic is scared damn near to death when the ringing phone... rings loudly. He jerks into a sitting position, eyes wide, and picks up the receiver.

M: Huh? Hello? What?

The voice on the other end can be heard, but not understood.

M: Really?


M: Okay, I'll be there as soon as possible.

The Mechanic hangs up the phone and pulls his boots on, then leaves the apartment as the scene fades out.

It returns momentarily inside of a hospital. The Mechanic is speaking to the receptionist, with the Electrician at his side. Yes, the Electrician has been found.

M: Okay, thanks a lot.

The Technicians turn away from the desk and begin to walk out the door. On the way out, they spy two old people slowly making their way into the hospital on electric wheelchairs. The Electrician grins, then grabs one of the old people and tosses them out of the chair. The Mechanic looks on and thinks to himself: "Yep, he's his usual self." The Electrician then grabs the other old person and tosses them out of their chair as well. He sits down in one of them and looks at his brother.

E: Come on, let's go. I hear there's a house show going on over at the arena, let's kick us some jobber ass and raise a little hell.

The Mechanic just laughs and accepts his brothers invitation. They speed off in the electric wheelchairs at full bore, the camera trying to keep up with them. Finally, they reach the backside of the BLPW Arena building, where two chain-link gates prohibit anyone from entering. But this does not stop our heroes. The Electrician hits the chain-link fence and bursts right through it in a fit of sparks and burning rubber. The Mechanic follows him into the parking lot that the fence is gaurding. The Electrician zooms in and out of the cars, when he comes around a corner and SPLAT!! He nails Bill Ogilvy from the side and just keeps on going. Bill holds his ankle in pain as the camera's continue the chase of the Technicians. They crash through the double doors leading into the building, and people begin to dodge out of the way as they speed through the halls. Turning corners, they finally come flying through the curtains and down the ramp towards the ring, where Dorker T and Mr. Humphries are performing, much to the crowd's disappointment. They reach the ring and get out of the wheelchairs, climb in the ring, and begin beating the piss out of the jobbers. The crowd is now in an uproar as the Mechanic tosses Dorker T to ringside, followed shortly by Mr. Humphries via the Electrician clotheslining him over the top. The Electrician, after stomping around the ring, grabs a microphone- thus ending this really long action segment.

E: Who's in the mood for some entertainment tonight?!

Oh God... more action. *sigh* The crowd goes crazy as the Electrician stomps around the ring again, and then he and the Mechanic do one of those in-ring rituals of climbing the turnbuckles and raising their arms in front of the crowd. You know, one of those ones that gets the fans really pumped? Yeah, that's it. Anyway, after doing this for another few moments, the crowd quiets down as the Electrician stares his brother in the eyes.

E: Word on the street is that you got a Western title tournament to win at BLPW End of the Line, is that right?

The Electrician holds the microphone up to his brothers mouth. The Mechanic grins for a moment, then screams... well, doesn't scream, but raises his voice.

M: That's right!

E: And word on the street is that you're the biggest badass in that tournament, is that right?

M: That's right!

E: So tell me, brother, what are you gonna do?

M: I'm gonna kick ass!

E: And how much ass are you going to kick?

M: Tons!

E: And how many pounds of gold will be yours after you kick tons of ass?

M: Like, 13 or something!

E: And what will that gold say on it?

M: BLPW Western Title!

E: And what else?

M: My name!

E: And what else?

M: Uhh... it'll have a picture of the globe on it?

E: Oh Hell Yeah!!!

The crowd is in an uproar once again as the two strut their stuff in the ring, again. But then, all is quiet when a voice is heard.

Voice: Hey, you there!

The Technicians stop strutting their stuff and look up at the stage. Low and behold, it's none other than Richard Evans! He looks to be quite pissed.

Evans: Just who in the Hell do you think you are?!

E: Excuse me?

Evans: Do you have any idea what you've done?!

E: Why yes... I've gotten the crowd hyped up about the pay per view, which will be right here, in Philadelphia!

The crowd pops again, but is soon quiet.

Evans: NO!

E: Huh?

Evans: What you've done is hurt my good friend, Bill Ogilvy! That's what you've done!

Out from behind the curtains walks Bill, who seems to be unharmed. He's walking fine, contrary to earlier when he was holding his ankle in pain.

E: He looks fine to me!

Bill: You just don't get it, do you? You took me out of action for 11 minutes! I was on my way to catch an interview with Matthew Bright, but I'm going to be late now because of you!

E: Well cry me a river why don't ya?

Bill: Do you have any idea what it's like to be out of commission for 11 minutes? My whole life has changed! It's hard to keep living when those paychecks stop coming! It's hard to eat when you've got no money to buy food! My god Electrician, a man's gotta eat! You took 11 minutes out of my life, and I'll be damned if I'm gonna let you get away with it!

E: Are you threatening me?

Bill: Oh no... I'm promising you!

Just then, Bill slams the microphone on the stage and comes charging down the ramp. The Electrician readies himself and when Bill slides in, the Electrician grabs him and tosses him over the ropes. The crowd cheers in approval as the Electrician turns and stares at Richard Evans in a very Rock-like manner.

Evans: Uh... hehe. I think I hear my cell phone ringing...

Evans drops the mic and runs out of the arena. The Electrician scans the area around the ring, then picks the mic back up and struts again. He holds the mic up to his mouth.

E: Now understand something here, Mike Payne! And Ace Roberts! And Osiris! My brother here's gonna take that Western Title, and he's gonna keep it shined up real pretty so that you 3 can stare at it and wonder how in the Hell you never got it! I'll tell you why, because you're not as dedicated to kickin' names and takin' ass as he is, that's why! You got a problem with that? Walk your happy ass on down to the ring at End of the Line and do something about it!

The scene fades to black (FINALLY!) as the crowd pops again and "Fix The House" by Motorhead hits the speakers and The Technicians do that in-ring ritual again.