The scene comes in outside of the... uhh... that one arena in Philly... as the Chevy truck seen earlier pulls into a parking spot. The two men get out of the truck and begin walking into the arena when the driver stops.

Driver: Wait...

Passenger: What?

The driver spins around and looks at the camera with an intent-to-kill look on his face. Then, his eyes slowly widen.

Driver: Electra... it's that cyclops that use to follow us around in ACW.

The man now known as "Electra" spins around.

Electra: Oh my God... it is! What should we do about it Mech?

Mech: Let's kill it! Then it won't follow us around!

Electra: Good idea!

Electra and Mech begin to take slow, paced steps towards the camera. The camera backs up with each step they take. Suddenly, the two lunge upon it. The camera drops to the ground and all that can be seen is some cars as screams and yelps come from the background. The sounds of struggle can be heard for a few more moments, and then they stop.

Mech: Did we kill it?

Electra: I think so... it's head popped off the second we jumped on it.

Mech: You're right! Let's steal it's head!

The camera is then picked up and turned around, and a blurry Mech and Electra are seen.

Mech: Wait a second... I think I just remembered who we're gonna face in our match.

Electra: Who?

Mech: Dork... uhh... Dork-something and Mr. Humphries... I think.

Electra: You're right... but I don't think I've ever heard of them before.

Mech: Maybe because they're jobbers you pompous ass.

Electra: Man... why do we always gotta face jobbers for our first matches?

Mech: Maybe because you always gotta work your way from the bottom to the top.

Electra: Screw that! I had my first World title in the 4th match of my career!

Mech: Yeah well, you forget that the fed you started in was also just starting out too.

Electra: You're just pissed because you've been wrestling longer than me and haven't held a World title yet!

Mech: There a problem with that?

Electra: Christ... just take it out on the jobbers!

Electra lifts a 9 volt battery to his mouth and begins licking away.

Mech: God that's sick.

Electra: Piss off you oversized penis-wrinkle!

Mech: That... does it... YAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!

The camera drops to the ground again and we can see that Mech has tackled Electra to the ground. The two struggle vigorously and we watch until Electra accidentally kicks the camera, causing the screen to cut to fuzz.

(Okay, I know that was rather pointless, inexcusable, and complete crap; but it's been a while since I've used these guys.)