The scene opens to reveal the Mechanic in the gym. No, he's not trying to beat the crap out of any muscleheads this time. This time, he's here for one thing: to train. To tone his muscles and improve his stanima, because the Mechanic has a greater challenge than every wrestler except one on the card for End of the Line. Yes, even a greater challenge than The Law and Rob Stallion, who have to try and claim the World title from Matthew Bright. Or Vindicater, who's going to try for the Eastern Title. Or even Disgruntle, who's going to try and beat the living piss out of Shawn Sanders. The Mechanic has not one, but 2 matches at the pay per view- this he is certain of. This is the one chance he's been waiting for- the one chance to prove that he can be as good as any wrestler on the BLPW roster.

He's currently whipping out some reps on the bench. Counting to himself outloud until he finishes, he wipes the sweat from his forehead and then downs a bottle of water. He can't recall training this hard since wrestling school. We follow him as he walks over to the squats area. He selects a belt that fits him properly, after all, we wouldn't want our good buddy hurting himself before the PPV, now would we? While he's waiting for the person using the squats bar to finish, he mumbles to himself. How ironic that we can understand what he's saying...

M: Can't hold anything back... I'm just as worthy of that title as Payne, Roberts, and Osiris is. Boy are they in for a surprise... for so long I've waited for this. For so long I was patient, biding my time, waiting for the perfect moment to prove myself. Now, I have the opportunity, and I'm going to take full advantage of it. Not even my brother is going to stop me this time. The Western title is mine for the taking, and take it I will.

The Mechanic continues to mumble to himself as he begins doing squats. A few of the other people in the weight room are looking at him as if he's psychotic- and he just might be. But, more of a mild psychotic. Not one of those psycho's that runs around screaming gibberish- but one of those psycho's that just likes to mumble to himself. Or, maybe he is just plain crazy and doesn't know it yet. That's always a possibility, isn't it? Now tell me that wouldn't be interesting... a man declared mentally insane claiming the BLPW Western title. C'mon, of course it would be! Anyway, after maxing out in his reps, the Mechanic comes to rest for a few minutes on a bench in the corner of the weight room. He just stares at the floor, but his thoughts can be read by the look in his eyes.

Mechanics Thoughts: Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow

Completely understandable, isn't it? Wouldn't you feel the same way if you were in his position? I know I would... oh wait, testically speaking I am in his position. Oh well, it sounded good. But back to the RP. The Mechanic gathers up his bottle of water and his towel and leaves the weight room. The camera follows him down the hall a few steps until he turns the corner, and at that moment we cut to a shot inside the BLPW arena where we join the Mechanic in an already-in-progress wrestling match. We haven't gotten a good shot of his face yet, so it's hard to tell. But sometime very soon... ahh, there it is. None other than.... HUGH MORRUS?! What?! Hugh.... Morrus?! What in the world is the Mechanic thinking?! Even the Dork Knight would be a better sparring partner than Hugh Morrus! But, maybe there's a strategy to all of this.

The Mechanic takes Morrus down with a spinning heel kick, then follows it up with an elbow drop off the ropes. Morrus gets back to his feet, and comes at the Mechanic with a clothesline. Ducking and bouncing off the ropes, the Mechanic takes Morrus down again with a high knee. Pulling him to his feet by his hair, the Mechanic whips Morrus into the ropes and drops him again with a high cross body. Morrus is clearly exhausted, but the Mechanic still has some "kill spirit" left in him. The Mechanic pulls Morrus to his feet, and then hoists him up onto his shoulders. With Morrus still on his shoulders, he climbs to the top rope, then falls backwards, executing a Samoan drop, or his finisher in this case which happens to be called The Torque Drop. The Mechanic covers Morrus and counts the 3 out loud.

M: 1! 2! 3!

The Mechanic rolls off of Morrus, who just lies there, moaning and groaning in pain. After getting out of the ring, the Mechanic pulls Hugh out and hands him a ziplock baggy filled to the brim with fruit loops. This seems to lift Hugh's spirit.

Hugh: WHOA!! You're giving me different colors too?!

M: Sure am.

Hugh: Sweet! WCW only paid me in Yellow Fruit Loops! And WWF, for the short time I was there after WCW closed... green Fruit Loops! But you're giving me an assortment of Fruit Loops! Oh God, I could kiss you!

M: Get off me!

Hugh: Thank you! Thank you!

Hugh Morrus rushes off with the bag, and the Mechanic breathes a sigh of relief.

M: Damn... I'm so glad he's gone. He was wandering around here, looking for JC's office. Something about he was going to try and get a job here. So, in the best interest of the company, I beat the crap out of him.

Anyway, I'm feeling pretty good right now. In fact, I've got the best feeling in the world, as if I'm meant to win that Western gold. Which is good... confidence is a dangerous tool if used correctly. Well... at the same time, my penis is a dangerous tool if used incorrectly- like for humping the vacuum cleaner and stuff. I'd hate to get the vacuum pregnant... I don't need any Mechanic Jr's running around...

The scene cuts to static. The camera crew knows it could only go downhill from there, and would hate to subject this promo's viewers to any more torment. However, the Mechanic keeps babbling, oblivious to what they've done. Tune in next RP for yet more wasted time, created out of pure boredom SINCE MY OPPONENT ISN'T RPING!!!