We come to air inside of a bedroom. Clothes are strewn about the bedroom. Some hanging off the dresser, a bra hanging off the doorknob. The only light in the room is that of a street light shining in through the window, and we can identify the Mechanic and Kendra lying side by side in the bed. Kendra is covered by the blankets, while the Mechanic is only covered from the waist down. Thank God... one only knows how many people would go blind by seeing that.... thing. Anyway, both partners look rather satisfied by whatever may of happened before the camera arrived.

Kendra: God that was amazing.

M: Yeah it was.

Kendra: I had no idea you gave such sensual and satisfying massages.

M: Me either. Damn I'm good.

Kendra giggles.

Kendra: Heard anything from your brother lately?

M: Nope.

Kendra: Maybe we should go try to find him. Krista is really worried.

M: No, I don't think we'll be doing that. He'll be fine, just like I told her.

Kendra: That's fine... I didn't really wanna go look anyway.

M: Me either.

Kendra reaches over on the bedstand and grabs a pack of cigarrettes. She lights one up. After a long, slow puff and exhaling the toxins, she looks at the Mechanic.

Kendra: So what's the deal with Mike Payne, anyway?

M: I dunno. I've got half a mind to just forget about him and focus on the final match. If he doesn't show up soon, we both know that's where I'm gonna end up.

Kendra: Yeah. Sometimes I'm really disappointed by some of these wrestlers.

M: Huh?

Kendra: Well, they get really awesome chances like this, and then they don't act on them. Kind of sad really. I know that if I was in Mike's position, I'd be doing everything in my power to win that gold.

M: I know I am. Tomorrow is definitely a gym day. In fact, I'll probably stay there all day and most of the night. Maybe I'll take a break though to go to the arena and practice with a jobber for a little bit or something. I know a jobber isn't the ideal sparring partner, but it's not like I've got anyone else to practice against.

Kendra: Yeah. Well... I guess you could practice with me.

M: Phh... yeah, right, like that'll ever happen.

Kendra: What do you mean?

M: Please... you're already disqualified. Foreign objects!

The Mechanic pokes Kendra in her boob and she giggles playfully.

Kendra: Well if that's the case, then you should be disqualified too.

Kendra acts as though she's going to poke the Mechanic in his... funny place. But he withdraws.

M: Huh-uh... no way. The last time you did that I almost sprained it.

Kendra: It's not my fault the slightest touch will turn you on.

M: Well it's not my fault you're so damn hot either, now is it? Besides, I need someone I can really beat the crap out of. Dorker T seems like the perfect one for the job, too.

Kendra: Whatever you want.

Kendra extinguishes the cigarette. She then pokes the Mechanic in the side.

M: Oh, that's it.

The Mechanic lunges upon Kendra, who's now laughing hysterically. The scene fades to black as the two continue to "wrestle." What has become of our good friend the Electrician? What events will transpire at End of the Line? Will our good buddy the Mechanic finally claim gold of his own? Only time will tell, so tune in next RP. Until then, ain't nobody dope as me!