M: What are you talking about?

We find the Mechanic on the speakerphone as he scarfs down some tomatoes. Yes, it was a mistake for him to find them. The person on the other end responds, and her voice can be recognized to be Krista's.

Krista: He never came over last night. He's always here about 11 o'clock every night to screw. But last night he never showed.

M: So what do you want me to do about it?

Krista: Well, do you know where he's at?

M: Why?

Krista: Because I'm worried, that's why.

M: So let me get this straight. You've known him for about 3 weeks now, you're his f*ck buddy, he shows up every night, but didn't show up last night. And you're worried?

Krista: Yes.

M: Oh... you women. You think just because you have a little fling, it's something special. I've had it, I'm sticking with hookers from now on.

Krista: Whatever. Anyway, do you have any idea?

M: All I know is he walked out yesterday. Didn't say a word, didn't do anything. He just left. He'll turn up, he's just upset that he doesn't have a match for End of the Line.

Krista: Well when he does come home, would you ask him to call me please?

M: Do I look like your secretary or something?

Krista: Please?

M: I suppose.

Krista is about to say something when the Mechanic hits the "end call" button.

M: Damn women anyway. I swear it, just hookers from now on. No hassles, no love... just sex, plain and simple. The only money involved is paying them, and me being the king of 42 and a half seconds, I pay about a nickel a shot. Unless I wanna nut on their faces, then it's about a dime a shot.

The Mechanic notices the camera.

M: Whoa... where'd you come from?

Stepping into view, Bill Ogilvy sits down in the Electrician's air-chair. The Mechanic sets down the bowl of tomatoes.

M: Oh no, buddy! You're not gonna bug the piss outta me! And you're sitting in my brothers chair! OUT! NOW!

Bill: Please, just let me ask you a few questions. I haven't had a decent interview in a few days now, and I need to do my job properly.

The Mechanic sighs and rolls his eyes in annoyance (is that a word?).

M: I'll only let you do it on one condition.

Bill: Anything.

M: Get your ass outta my brothers chair!

Bill jerks up out of the chair. Feeling awkward trying to interview the Mechanic while he's sitting and Bill is standing, Bill attempts to sit down on the giant spool.

M: Oh hell no! Don't even think about sitting on my coffee table! If you wanna sit, you can sit on the floor!

Bill hesitates, but does sit on the floor. They sit in silence for a few awkward moments.

M: Uhh... begin? Commence?

Bill: Oh, right! Uhm, what are your thoughts about being put in the BLPW Western Title tournament?

M: Well, that's kind of a hard question to answer. For so long I've wanted to claim a belt to call my own, and now that I actually have the chance to do it, I don't know how to react. Don't get me wrong, I've had title shots in the past, but none of them were as prestigious as the BLPW Western title. We all know the BLPW is at the top of the ratings game. It's almost as if it picked up where the XWA left off, but with some new talent, including me. I rule, oh yeah. Anyway, now that I actually have the chance to win something actually world-famous, I'm kinda nervous.

Bill: Which leads me to my next question. Should you win the title...

M: That's not a question Bill.

Bill: Should you win the title...

M: Why are you repeating yourself?

Bill: Just let me finish!

M: Okay, chill out. Have a donut or something.

Bill grunts in frustration. Taking this as some kind of threat, the Mechanic grunts back at him.

Bill: Should you win the title, what are your plans?

M: Well, from what I hear, the Western title is the second best belt in the BLPW.

Bill thinks to himself: "Why did I have to choose this jackass?" The Mechanic reads this thought in Bill's face, and thinks to himself: "I got him right where I want him..."

M: If that's true, then I'll be having some pretty stiff competition coming my way if I win it. In fact, I'm sure the competition will be so stiff, I'll barely have time to defend the Tag Titles with my brother. Sounds like exactly what I need.

Bill: Interesting. So being nervous about this tournament, do you somehow feel that being nervous will help you perfom better?

M: No, I think what will happen is that my nervousness will help me perform better.

Bill thinks to himself: "Note to self: never interview this guy again. EVER!"

M: However, I do believe that my nervousness will boost my performance in the ring.

Bill thinks to himself: "EVER!!!"

Bill: Uhm... okay. So do you think you will have enough stamina to perform in the final match of the tournament, should you get there?

M: No. But I do think I will have enough stamina to perform in the final match when I get there.

Bill: Oh forget it!!!

Bill storms out of the apartment. The Mechanic just laughs as he hears the door slam. He looks into the camera.

M: You do realize what I must do now, don't you?

The camera moves back and forth, as if to say "No."

M: I'll have to catch up with Bill at the arena and ask him to interview me. Heh, I love bothering people, it's so much fun.

Speaking of which, I think I'll go bug Kendra now. Sure, she's not a hooker, but she doesn't worry about me either.