***SCENE 1***

The scene opens to reveal a busy street somewhere around 10 in the morning. We find the Technicians walking amongst the crowd, both in overcoats and gloves due to the chill in the air and the light rain falling from the sky. Wisps of warm breath condensing with the chilled air spew from people's mouths as they perform the involuntary reflex of breathing, not that it has anything to do with this RP, I just felt like putting that in there. Anyway, the sound comes in as the camera follows the Technicians.

E: Dammit, there's gotta be some around here somewhere.

M: No kidding... wait a tick! I think I've found some!

E: Where?!

The Electrician follows the Mechanic as he leads them across the street over to a man standing outside a gate at a position of attention, holding a gun.

M: This has gotta be it!

E: You ass!

M: What?

E: I said scotch-gard... not a Scottish Gaurd!

M: Oh...

E: Dammit! A guy would think you'd be able to find scotch gard in Scotland!

M: No kidding! Hey... (the Mechanic looks at the gaurd) are you one of those gaurds that can't move no matter what I do?!

The gaurd doesn't say a word, just stands there. The Mechanic waves his arms in the gaurds face, but he still doesn't move.

M: Hehehe...

The Mechanic grabs where he believes the gaurds nipple should be, pinches down hard, and twists it as far around as he possibly can. The gaurds expression, however, does not change and he just stands there as if nothing's going on. So, our stupid hero, the Mechanic, keeps f*cking with him. First, twisting the other nipple, then kicking him in the shin, then spitting on his nice, shiny boot. Following a half-second after, the Mechanic knees the gaurd in the groin- all of this going on while his brother just watches on, totally unamused and frowning. But, much to the Mechanic's surprise, the gaurd retaliates this time, taking the butt of his rifle and slamming it quickly and ferociously into the Mechanic's nose, bloodying it instantly. The Mechanic falls to the ground almost in tears and holding his nose.

E: You done yet?

M: Uhh...

E: Serves ya right! Now get up and let's go find some scotch gard!

The Mechanic crawls back to his feet and, his face now covered in blood, follows his brother, who walks into a door. Inside, they find their scotch gard. After paying for it, the Electrician runs outside, holding the can high up in the air as if it were the BLPW World Title. He looks at his watch.

E: Sh*t! We've got 15 minutes to catch our plane back to the States!

M: Let's go!

The two take off running through the busy streets. The scene fades to black as the camera crew is too lazy to run and would much rather fade to black.

***SCENE 2***

We come back to this waste of RP board space inside the Technicians apartment. A light haze lingers in the air and The Technicians are arguing.

M: Well if you hadn't of bought a cheap can of scotch gard, we wouldn't be in this predicament now would we?!

E: Like it's my fault the can was defective!

M: What did you expect? All that voltage running through your body, what did you really think would happen when you touched metal with your bare hands?!

E: Well I certainly didn't expect the can to explode!

M: Obviously!

E: We better get this cleaned up.

M: You can clean it up! I've got work to do!

E: Or how about I just wait for you to get done with your work and then you help me clean it up since you're the one responsible for this mess?!

M: Whatever.

The Mechanic walks into the other room, but it's not really the other room since the kitchen and living room have no wall between them in the apartment. Realizing this, the Mechanic walks back into his bedroom and closes the door, where posters of naked chicks are up all over the walls and ceiling. But, due to the fact that this promo was taped before it aired, the creative editors of the infamous BLPW A/V crew put those blurry blotches all over the stuff that isn't fit for young viewers eyes. The Mechanic turns to the camera.

M: Mike Payne, is it? Yeah, that sounds right. Look, I don't know you, and I don't have any problem with you as of right now. All I do know is that you got the sh*t kicked out of you at the beginning of Epic by Ace Roberts, so I'm guessing you're more worried about whooping his ass than mine. Bottom line, since there isn't a problem between us two, let's just go out there and show everybody what real talent is made of. Yes, I am giving you credit. You're one hell of a competitor to have taken a beating like that and still going to that ring to fight. Takes balls man, it really does.

Now seeing as how Oscillator can't wrestle for sh*t, I'm guessing that Ace Roberts will be in the final match of the tournament. Now I'm sure you'd love to tear me apart so you can rip Roberts throat out, and that's fine, but I can't let that happen. See, I got a desire for that belt just as everybody else who isn't the BLPW World Champion does, so I'm gonna fight to the death if I have to, to win it. Not that being a dead champion would make me much of a champion, but at least I'd be able to lay claim to the belt.

Sure, I've already got gold, but it's just not enough. It's a shared gold and I can't call it my own. I need something to call my own, something to really take pride in, something like the BLPW Western Title. My brother is a former World champ himself, and I want to be able to say that I'm just as good as he is or pretty damn close to it. I can be his equal, I know I can. What I really don't understand is the fact that he's been in the game less time than I have, and he's better at it than me. Then again, he's always been the athletic one. While I was partying in high school, he was working out. While I was playing video games, he was at Football or Track practice. While I was drinking Coca-cola, he was drinking milk and protein supplements. While I was watching the Simpsons, he was running miles at a time. While I was beating it, he was beating it. While I was... you get the idea.

Anyway Payne, I'm just letting you know that I'm not gonna make this easy for you. If you want Roberts and the Western title that bad, you're going to have to come through me to get it, and I'm not about to half-ass my way through this match.

The Mechanic walks out the door of his bedroom as the scene fades to black for the final time. How will Payne respond to the Mechanics words? What kind of and how many excuses might Payne make for possibly losing the match? What will happen between now and the next time the Mechanic spanks his monkey? Only time will tell, so tune in next time, and I will keep ripping off other people's gimmicks. Same Technician time, same Technician channel.