***SCENE 1***

M: Oh hell yes! This is great!

We come to air inside the Technicians locker room after BLPW Epic has gone off the air. The Mechanic is ecstatic as he holds the card for End of the Line.

M: I can't believe I'm in the semi-finals of a tournament for a high ranked title! I didn't even know I was in the finals for it!

E: Congrats man... You better train your ass off so you're in top shape for it.

M: All in good time, my brother. Right now, I think this calls for a trip to Vegas!

E: OR... it calls for me to call those twins and we have a simpler, cheaper celebration.

M: Works for me... by the way, sorry about your loss to Mr. Satan.

E: It's cool dude. He had it in his mind that he could embarass me, but I proved 'im wrong. I told him it wouldn't happen and it didn't. But I am kinda disappointed that I won't have a match for the pay per view.

M: You just might.

E: Why do you say that?

M: Look.

The Mechanic holds up the card for the Electrician to see. He reads the words "Maybe a few suprises and a match or two to be added the night of the show." along the bottom of the page.

E: Dude... that'd be sweet if I got in a surprise match! I don't care if was even against Dorker T, at least I'd be able to get on the pay per view again!

M: Tru dat.

E: Anyway, lemme give them twins a call. We'll meet 'em at our place and get some.

M: Damn right.

The scene fades out as the Electrician begins punching numbers on his cell phone.

***SCENE 2***

The scene fades back into view inside the Technicians place where they are seated with those twins in what appears to be the living room. A large, wooden spool acts as a coffee table/foot rest and those really awesome air-up chairs are the furniture. The Techs are seated in the respective air-chairs, and the twins are sitting on the floor beside them. Rude? Of course not, the twins themselves wanted to sit on the floor next to them. The Techs are both working on Bud Light where as the twins, Krista and Kendra, are holding onto bottles of Smirnoff Ice. We join in on the already-in-progress conversation.

Kendra: ... and I can't wait till it comes out in theatre's.

M: Me either.... the Fellowship of the Ring kicked ass.

E: Damn right it did. We should all go see it when it's released.

Krista: That'd be really cool.

There is a few seconds of silence as the four take drinks of their... drinks.

Krista: So how'd your matches go? We didn't get a chance to watch Epic.

E: Mech over there won his and is gonna be in a tournament for the Western title at the pay per view. I lost mine and don't have a match.

Krista: Aww... I'm sorry.

Krista pats the Electrician on the shoulder.

E: Don't worry about it. I ain't trippin' over it. Satan ain't nuthin' but a b*tch anyway.

Krista: Yeah he is.

M: And what was up with Oscillator anyway? I had to carry his sorry ass all through that match. It was terrible.

E: I dunno. I think he realized how much he sucks just before he got in the ring.

M: He must have because I was really tired at the end of the match. But then he turned around like the c*ck-sucker he is and attacked me after I beat him.

E: Yeah. I guess he was pissed that he really does suck.

M: Shyeah.

Kendra: That, or he was trying to say that he could take you out at any time.

A stunned silence comes over the four of them, and then they all bust up laughing.

M: Yeah, right. If he could take me out at any time then he would've won the match.

Krista: Yeah. I bet he just wanted to look tough.

E: Probably. That's what most jobbers do. Seriously, how tough can you be if you can't even win a debut match? I mean, Hugh Morrus even won his debut match!

M: No kidding, and Hugh Morrus is the president of JAOA.

Kendra: JAOA?

M: Yeah. Jobbers Association of America.

E: He's not just the president, he's a member!

The four share another laugh and drink. Afterwards, the Mechanic looks deep into Kendra's eyes.

Kendra: What?

M: Wanna sit on my lap? We can talk about the first thing that pops up!

Kendra: (giggling) Okay.

Kendra stands up and sits down on the Mechanic's lap. She rubs her hind-end against his groin in a joking manner. But much to her surprise...

Kendra: Whoa! That didn't take long!

The Electrician, Krista, and Kendra laugh as the Mechanic turns beet red. There is silence for a few minutes and then...

M: That's it.... I... can't... take it... anymore!

The Mechanic swoops up Kendra in his arms and moves quickly down the hall into one of the bedrooms. The Electrician and Krista just laugh.

E: That horny sumb*tch... I swear he's so horny the crack of dawn ain't safe!

Krista giggles. Her and the Electrician meet each others gaze, and they just stare for moments as if there were some chemistry between them. Krista breaks the silence.

Krista: I've always wondered... what are your real names?

E: Heh... why is it that every girl asks me that?

Krista: Maybe because it's awkward calling you by your TV name?

E: Good point. Well, Mechs is Keith. Mine is Dave.

Krista: And last name?

E: O' Conner.

Krista: I see. Those are nice names.

E: I guess.

Krista: So Dave... is sex all you got in mind for us?

E: That depends... you had something else in mind?

Krista: Maybe.

The Electrician just grins.

Krista: What's that sh*t-eatin' grin for?

E: You want to go to a porn shop sometime, don't you?

Krista laughs and looks into Dave's eyes.

Krista: Yeah, that's what I'm after.

E: I knew it!

Krista laughs some more.

E: Speaking of porn... you wanna go on back?

Krista looks at Dave as if she'd been waiting for him to ask all night.

Krista: Yeah, let's go.

The Electrician stands up and helps Krista to her feet. They grab their drinks and head down the hall into the other bedroom, closing the door behind them as the scene fades to black