The scene opens to reveal the Technicians inside a... well, the title kinda gives it away... yes, a tatoo parlor. The Electrician is currently in a chair as the Mechanic holds his hand, the Electrician gripping it with great pain. Zooming in on the tatoo, we see that it is a scaled down version of one of the BLPW Tag Titles, placed below a tatoo of another title of some kind that says "ACW" on it. The plate is centered on his bicep, and the belt itself wraps around his arm. The tatoo artist is finishing up some minuet (pronounced my-noot) details as the Electrician begins speaking to take his mind off the pain. However, it doesn't work too well and he speaks kind of sporadically as he continues to endure.

E: Satan... you think... I'm... a... fool... do you? Tell... me... this... would... a... ahhhh...

The Electrician breathes a sigh of relief as the needle finally stops buzzing. He looks over the tatoo and seems rather pleased with how it has turned out. The Mechanic takes a deep breath and sits down in the chair to get the same tatoo. The Electrician taps the tatoo artist on the shoulder and whispers in his ear.

E: You might wanna strap this wuss down.

Artist: Gotcha.

The tatoo artist does as suggested, then the Electrician walks off to the other side of the parlor as the Mechanic begins to scream.

M: Where you going?! C'mon, I held your hand! No! NOOOOOOOOO! AAAAAHHH!

The Electrician laughs as he hears his brother scream in pain. Not that he blames him, it is his first tatoo after all. Besides, the Mechanic would've done the same to him.

E: Anyway, Satan, you think I'm a fool? Well, I must agree with you. I really must. See, I find myself in the position to agree with you because anybody else wouldn't even bother showing up to kick your ass. So yes, I am a fool for actually going through with this, because I could actually be beating the piss out of somebody that matters. Not some little, worthless, TITLE-LESS, cum bubble like yourself.

But to answer your question, yes, I do feel rather pumped up about winning the tag match. Because despite what you think of the Tag Titles, at least they're gold- something you obviously can't lay claim to right now. Well, except maybe that gold-plated trophy you won in tee ball for most consecutive hits off the tee.

The Electrician clears his throat as the Mechanic can be heard screaming like an 8 year old girl in the background.

E: You know what really kills me though? You. Just you in general. This whole "I am Satan" act and you being pissed off and shouting things in jibberish that you make-believe is a real language. But guess what! Since you like to make-believe so much, I've brought a very special friend along with me today. In fact, I used to wish this man was my neighbor, and he wished I was his, because then I could go over to his house and play with the trolley as it whizzed through la-la land.

The Electrician reaches off to the side, and pulls into view... yep, you guessed it... MR. ROGERS! However, this isn't the Mr. Rogers we all know and love, this is a crack-addicted, skeletal-looking type Mr. Rogers, who has obviously gone downhill since his show went off the air. In the background, the Mechanic can be heard. "Hey! That's Mr. Rogers!" then once again screaming in pain.

E: Say hello to Mr. Satan, Mr. Rogers!

Mr. Rogers: (singing in a very bleak, out-of-tune voice) Would you be mine, could you be mine, won't you be my neighbor? Won't you please... won't you please... please won't you be, my neighbor? Hi neighbor!

E: Okay that's enough.

The Electrician shoves Mr. Rogers out of the way and the sounds of glass breaking can be heard, followed shortly by the sounds of a man falling from stories upon stories up and smacking into the concrete. Once again the Mechanic is heard from the background "You killed Mr. Rogers! You bastard!"

E: Anyway Satan, I really don't think you have room to be talking about who's in your way, because honestly, who is? Nobody. You have no title, you have no momentum going here, except for that pathetic excuse of a gimmick that somehow keeps people interested, and you have absolutely nothing to lose. No no no... you absolutely don't. If anybody is in anybody's way here, you are in mine. See, even though I hold half of the lowest ranked titles in the BLPW, at least I'm in the ranks- which also means I have the potential to become a higher ranked champ. You, on the other hand, have nothing, which means that you aren't trying hard enough.

The Electrician once again clears his throat and takes a deep breath. This next part is meant to be confusing, so don't feel bad if you get lost. Took me 5 damn minutes just to get it all out.

E: The greatest thing about it is that you think I'm actually stupid enough to let this win get to my head. Now, because you think I think I'm the greatest because I've won the Tag Titles, you think that you'll have no trouble beating me, which means that you think I think I'm the best and in turn, I think you think I'm a jackass for thinking that. BUT, in all actuality, you think I think I'm the greatest because I won the Tag Titles and you think that you'll win because I think I'm the greatest and no one can beat me but I think you think you'll win because you think I think I'm the greatest when I know I'm not the greatest but I'll let you think that I think that because I want my victory to be all that much more enjoyable.

The Electrician takes a few moments to catch his breath and THINK over what he just said, having never used the word "think" more times in 2 minutes than in his entire life.

E: Yeah. So you get what I'm saying here?

The scene fades to black as the Mechanic can be heard sobbing in the background over the death of Mr. Rogers while at the same screaming in pain because he THINKS the tatoo needle hurts.