The setting sun causes the tall buildings of Philly to cast deep shadows over the city. The sunlight is filtered by the usual sundown clouds that seem to blacken with every minute that passes, causing the city to fall into darkness faster. The people of Philadelphia walk quietly along the streets, minding their own business with a look on their faces like they don't give a damn about the troubles of others. Hell, they probably don't. In the distance, a gunshot echo's, carried throughout the city by a gentle wind. Finally, the sun sinks below the horizon, and all that is left is a bright yellow light that covers the sky. As the light begins to fade, the stars and the moon become more evident above the city.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a nicely-painted Chevy pickup with a 9" lift comes tearing through the streets. The glasspack muffler drowns out any other sound as the truck's engine runs at high RPM, and the truck comes to a skidding stop when the light turns to red. The camera focuses on the two men inside the truck. One of them wearing an old, worn-out, black hat. The other with a flat-top hair cut and a very intense look on his face. Then, the audio tunes in.

Driver: I am so glad I put the money and the wrench time into this truck. I don't regret a minute of it!

Passenger: I don't blame ya. This truck could probably out-run and out-pull any other truck in the tri-state area!

Driver: Damned right it could! At least I'd hope it could after I dumped ten grand into it.

Passenger: Shoot... if ten grand didn't do it, then I don't know what will!

Driver: I just wish we could find that damn arena. We're gonna lose if we don't show.

Passenger: No doubt. But I dunno... I hear that the guys we're facing are pretty bad.

Driver: It don't matter. If we don't show, we lose. Simple as that.

Passenger: Yeah.

The passenger then lifts a small object up into view. The camera zooms in and comes to find out that it is a 9 volt battery. The passenger stares at it for a moment, then licks the terminals.

Passenger: Ahh, that feels better.

Driver: You really need help, you know that?

Passenger: Yeah, you're probably right. But at least I don't have an obsession with nuts, you sick f*ck.

Driver: Yeah, well... uhm..

Passenger: GO!

The driver hammers on the gas just after the light turns green. The truck once again tears down the street as the scene fades to black. TO BE CONTINUED...