We find Jovial Jake at a truck stop on the road to Miami. With a couple days to spare before his BLPW in-ring debut, Jake has decided to swing by University of Florida in Miami and visit his cousin.

It's around sunset, and Jake walks out of the truck stop, a bit of leftover biscuits and gravy on the corner of his mouth. He climbs into his truck and picks up the microphone to his CB radio when he hears someone call out over the waves.

Man on the waves: Anybody out there got thier ears on?

Jake: Yeah, this is White Wolf, go ahead.

Man on the waves: Hey White Wolf, this is Smoothie, what's crackin?

Jake: Not shit there Smoothie. Just filled up on some B & G.

Smoothie: Oh yeah? Whereabouts was that?

Jake: Here at the Stinky Pinky Gulp N' Guzzle Big Rig Snooze-A-Stop.

Smoothie: You nasty sumbitch.

Jake: Had I known how it was before I stopped, I wouldn't have.

Smoothie: How long you been on the road?

Jake: Hell I ain't truckin' it. I'm just on the way to visit my cousin.

Smoothie: Oh yeah?

Jake: Somethin' like that.

Smoothie: Fun fun.

Jake: So where ya headed to?

Smoothie: Ahh, I'm haulin' hog to Mississippi. Just started a couple hours ago.

Jake: Yee-haw.

Smoothie: Yep. Well have fun there partner.

Jake: You too. Later on.

Smoothie: Later.

Jake hangs the microphone back on it's hook and starts his truck. He revves the engine a couple times to keep it running, then we hear gears grind as Jake backs out of his parking spot. The scene fades to black.

The scene returns again momentarily as Jake's truck is seen pulling into a parking lot. We watch as he cruises about, looking for a parking spot. After a few minutes, he parks and begins to walk towards a building nearby. People walking around, with backpacks on, are viewed in the background. Jake spies the camera.

Jake walks over to the camera. He takes a deep breath, then pauses.

Jake: No.

Jake turns and walks away. The screen fades to a commercial for the upcoming Epic.